Why Background Checks are Integral to Business Survival

Background checks are becoming standard operating procedure for hiring new employees.  A background check serves as the first line of defense against various threats involved in hiring a new employee.

Most applicants are telling the truth about their applications and resumes. However, it only takes one or two employees who hide the truth or lie, to do serious damage to a business.

A criminal history is probably the most vital information on a background check. A criminal record check ensures the employer knows of any criminal history.

The employer can then make an informed choice about hiring the individual.  A minor charge ten years ago is probably not relevant to the job, but aggravated assault that happened a year ago is essential information.

Another example of the importance of a criminal background check is when hiring someone who will deal directly with money. If they have various charges of theft, a business would consider it a risk to put them into a position of handling money.

Work history is another important part of a background check. You want to make sure that an employee has the experience they say that they have.

Checking work history can be crucial for many areas, but nowhere is it more critical than in highly technical jobs. 

Education history is also part of a standard background check. These essential factors can ensure that you are hiring the best candidate for the job.

A background check saves time, money, training and other resources from being depleted by bad hiring decisions.

It helps you sustain due diligence and avoid liability. Think of the obvious examples like hiring a truck driver without doing a background check. He has a wreck in which people are seriously injured and is determined to be under the influence.

Now, you find out he had a previous DUI. It would be easy to make a case that negligent hiring practices played a significant role in the accident.

If someone has a history of sexual harassment or violence, you have a responsibility as an employer. If they perpetrate violence against another employee or a customer, you are exposed to significant liability.

If you do a background check, and there are no signs of this type of behavior, then you have a legal defense that you did due diligence before hiring.

A background check helps employers have more confidence in the people that they are hiring. You will know that they have represented themselves accurately, and make an informed hiring decision.

Negligent hiring lawsuits have become more prevalent in recent years. The majority of businesses have started performing background checks in response to this increased litigation.

Which background check source should you use:

Background checks are simple, easy and relatively inexpensive. There are a large number of background check websites that are reputable. Visit to see the different packages available and find the one that best suits your needs.

  • Truthfinder is a background check provider that is used by employers for the depth of information they provide. Truthfinder requires a monthly membership but offers an unlimited number of checks for the flat monthly rate.

    There are add-on options if there is a specific type of information you are seeking. Truthfinder also has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).
  • Golookup—This company offers one of the most detailed sex offender checks and is a good option for those businesses involved in caring for children.  It is also a good option for companies that provide services to nursing homes and hospitals.

Finding a trusted source for your business background check needs will make running comprehensive background checks easy. Having a reputable company do the background checks streamlines the hiring process.

Using one company also assures that you will receive the same quality of data for each applicant.