4 Hard Jobs That Pay Off Well

There are dozens of career paths available today. Some of them pay more or less and require physical and/or mental engagements. There is only one hard truth that emerges, though. There is no such thing like an easy job. Every career has many benefits, but they also have those aspects that can wear us down.

Since there is a lot of talk going around the topic of career choices and changes, I have decided to put together a list of hard jobs that pay well. Some of these will require of you to change your lifestyle, some to wear a uniform or to spend a lot of time outside your home. They do share one thing in common though. The pay is very good. So, let’s take a look.

Oil Rig Drill Operators

If you would like to work in an engaging environment where you need to be at your best, a rotary drill operator on an oil rag is the career path you may want to look up. Rotary drill operators are in charge of setting up a variety of drills. Good and devoted rotary drill operators are hard to find and oil companies are always looking to hire hard working people.

The drills on oil and gas platforms are used to remove piled up storages of gas and oil. One of the benefits of doing this job is the social network and bonds formed during the work engagement on the platform. Every worker depends on others and everyone has to perform like a cog in a well-oiled machine. Alaska is still the leader as the best-paying state. The average annual salary of rotary drill operators is $60,000, while top workers make up to $95,000 annually.

Commercial Driving

People say that it takes a special kind of personality to become a devoted and successful truck driver. A majority of commercial drivers would argue that this job requires nothing special from a person. If you like to make serious money while on the road, crossing borders of states and countries, you should consider this job. Not having weekends while having a few weeks off after one or two months of continuous work is something commercial drivers see as a benefit of being engaged in this career.

There are a lot of things to know about the commercial driving career. It is a lot more than hauling freight from one location to another. For instance, did you know that many trucking companies offer great benefits? Medical, dental and vision insurance are quite often on the table during job negotiations. The demand for truckers is always on the rise. The average annual salary is approximately $45,000.

Elevator Installers and Repairers

High buildings and working in small spaces isn’t a challenge for you? If so, then the career of an elevator installer and repairer is definitely worth looking up. If you choose this career, you will have to deal with elevators, dumbwaiters, and escalators. The job role of an elevator installer and repairer is to install, assemble, repair or maintain electric and/or hydraulic freight or passenger elevators.

Since this job is more oriented towards field work, you will be spending quite more time outside your firm’s offices than inside. This job path also offers promotion opportunities for you to advance to inspector, as well as supervisory positions. Your progress will be very fast and you will not have troubles finding a company that offers apprenticeship.

Did I mention that apprenticeship is also payed? If you were wondering what is average annual salary of an elevator installer and repairer is, I have 76000 reasons to compel you to consider this job path.

Commercial Divers

For commercial divers, diving is a lot more than an exotic sport. Commercial divers do use scuba gear and spend their work hours below the surface of water. But, instead of exploring the sea floor, they inspect, remove, install, and repair underwater structures and equipment. This job requires you to be a good diver above all else. Besides this, a commercial diver needs to know his way with dozens of tools and gear.

Commercial divers perform various underwater tasks that range from photographic structures and rigging explosives to using drills, as well as conducting tests and experiments. If you don’t have any previous experience with diving, you will need to get through a certified course in order to become eligible for this job. The annual salary of commercial divers goes around $59,000, while top divers make up to $95,000 annually.

These 4 hard job paths are really engaging and can really help you experience your life from a different standpoint. When you are picking a career for yourself, it is important to understand the implications and to be honest with yourself. Do you want to work to make money and use this to advance professionally in various fields, or you want to stick with one job and become the expert in one field? The answer to this question may be a good starting point in your decision making process.