5 Emerging Sectors That Offer Great Career Opportunities

If you are approaching the end of your further education, no doubt your thoughts will be on a career, and this is a very exciting time to be embarking on a career, with new and innovative technologies arriving. Aside from choosing a field that you enjoy, it is important to consider the future of any industry that interests you, and with that in mind, here are a few emerging technologies that offer a sound career path.

  1. Robotics – This is the era of robotics and merging with AI offers all kinds of potential for a career-minded person. Most large factories are already using robotics in their manufacturing process and if you have a good understanding of physics and electronics, this might just be the best sector for you. If you study at an international school such as Patana School in Bangkok, they have a great science department and the curriculum includes basic robotics. Building machines offers its own unique set of challenges, and whether you prefer the technical or manual side of this industry, there are always openings in this booming field, with design, installation and maintenance all beckoning.
  2. Blockchain Developer – Blockchain in the new kid in town for code writers and this decentralised ledger system is said to be the future of secure data storage. If you have dabbled in writing code, why not get into blockchain development? The future certainly looks rosy for those who take the plunge, and most governments in the world are already using blockchain to store their critical data, and the well-known digital currencies like Bitcoin run on a blockchain. The unique make-up of the blockchain makes the system virtually hack-proof, as each block of data is merged with the previous block, making it impossible to change any of the data, in fact, the only way to do that is to add another block of data. If you are already showing entrepreneurial talents, here is an article about teen entrepreneurs that you might find inspiring.
  3. Artificial Intelligence – AI is the future, of that we can be certain and if you have the aptitude for applied math and understanding machine learning, this would be a very challenging and rewarding career path to take up. This is a career for high grade achievers so you need to swat up before your end of term exams and the higher your GPA, the better, and if you show promise, you can expect to earn big bucks with a career in machine learning. Tech giants like Google and Microsoft are already into AI in a very big way and the gurus say we are moving into a new age, as it is predicted that machine learning with merge with human consciousness, empowering humanity like never before. Click here for UK government information about artificial intelligence, which is more than a little interesting.
  4. Solar Energy – If you like working with your hands, why not consider working as a solar energy system installer? There is most definitely a future in any clean and renewable energy sector, as more and more homeowners make the switch to solar power, and if you get into the industry now, you will grow with the sector. If you think you are up to the challenge, you could move into designing systems, as that is where the big money lies, but either way, the solar energy sector is a booming and in-demand industry. Wind is also a new technology that will require a fresh new wave of technicians, and if you are an eco-friendly person, you could work with technology that enables us to drop fossil-fuel burning forever.
  5. Driverless Vehicles – They are already on the roads and when the Internet of Things (IoT) is rolled out, the entire world will switch to autonomous vehicles, and there will be a huge need for engineers to run the traffic systems. The IoT will also require engineers that are familiar with 5G and a degree in computer science or communications would be a great anchor point to enter this challenging field. All major systems will be connected to the IoT, with every single digital device connected to a global grid that is powered by 5G, and there’s already talk of 6G, so the future is looking great for any digitally based skillsets.

Of course, a lot depends on where your interest lies, and as so many people would tell you, always aim high when looking at careers and don’t settle for anything less than what you deserve. The future technologies are both exciting and challenging, and as we move into a new dimension of the digital world, you can secure your place with a rewarding career in one of the above fields.