5 Reasons Why Animation Design is a Popular Career Choice

Animation has been around for a long time, and it has significantly improved and changed over the last two decades. Today animation is a combination of art and technology, and we have both 2D as well as 3D animation, which is useful for both entertainment and education.

Of course, if there is one thing that is true about animation it’s that it takes a lot of practice and it can be really difficult, but as a plus you reap many benefits, which will be explored in this article.

1. Almost every business needs animation

Today we live in the age of digital arts, digital marketing, digital shopping and interaction in general. In other words, we are surrounded with animation of some sort, and almost every industry needs a good animator.

Cover design, character design, package design, cartoons, comic books, video games, websites all struggle to be alluring, aesthetically pleasing, and impressive for their user base. They cannot do this without quality animation.

Visual input is so much more engaging than a written text and even the tiniest animated details can add more depth, or story to the design. Moreover, for many industries quality design is essential for leaving a good first impression and increasing their sales, so it is a vital part of the selling process, even if it does not necessarily involve the creation of products.  

Clearly, if you are a skillful designer in the field of animation, you can always find an employer who can make good use of your skill.

2. You can be your own boss

Considering how this is a skill that is highly requested, there is no need for you to have a permanent workplace, you can be just as prolific or maybe even more, if you work as freelancer. However, it is really important for someone who is a freelancer to work on their online portfolio. The competition is really fierce and there are a lot of really talented artists out there.

It would be wise to have an Instagram, Pinterest as well as Deviantart account, or any other platform that focuses primarily on quality visual content. You need to interact with other artists, ask for tips on how to improve your design, and try to get in touch with other visual masters and influencers. If you can generate a large online audience, you can ensure that you get paid more for your work.

3. You can be a part of the industry you always enjoyed

Those who are proficient in animation can apply for jobs in almost any industry, which gives you an opportunity to be a part of something you always liked. Comic books, video games, animated movies or TV series, all of these branches of the entertainment industry rely heavily on graphic design, and you have your chance to shine and advance doing something you’ve always wanted.

4. Creative freedom and creativity

In addition to being a lucrative hobby, we must never forget that animation is primarily an art form. As such, it pushes you to become more creative, to learn different techniques to express yourself, and it can serve as catharsis if you are going through a difficult life patch.

Of course, if you truly want to explore the possibilities and master techniques of animation, you should get higher specialization and attend various animation courses and schools. There are some things that cannot be picked up by simply observing, so you should consider enrolling in one of the best animation schools to truly hone your skills.

5. It will still be relevant in the future

Finally, you can never go wrong if you focus on animation and your development in this area. It is an art form that will stick around for centuries, and improving your animation skills is never a bad investment of time.

You are becoming more proficient in something that will still be needed for years to come, and whenever someone wants to create a new game, create a new website, or product, or anything similar, that person will need to collaborate with a competent designer.

These were some of the major benefits of being a designer. Of course, much like everything else in the world, being an animator has its pros and cons. As mentioned, the competition can be tight, it is hard to get noticed, and very often you can work under restrictions that do not allow your true talent to shine, but as you can see, those who are really good get to be their own boss or part of larger projects where their input is really valued.