Awesome Marketing and Communication Jobs for Design Lovers

Marketing and design overlap in a number of ways. If you have a penchant for design and marketing as well, there are a number of jobs that you can take in the marketing and communications industry. The modern age of marketing is holistic. The more levers that you can pull, the better off you are. Combining the formerly segmented disciplines of marketing, communications and design is no longer an uncommon thing.

The Open Job Market

Cat you absolutely can create your dream career by combining all of your passions into a single job. Let’s take a look at three of the best marketing and communication jobs for design lovers.

Web Design

One of the best jobs for creative marketing professionals has always been web design. This combines the disciplines of marketing, communication and design in a way that no other position never has. Web designers are responsible for much more than the look of a website. They had to deal with the way that it is optimized, the strategy behind the design and all of the technical aspects that make the website viable in today’s highly competitive market.

The website is also a huge tool for communication. Most web design firms today tout their communications skills just as much is their design skills. As a matter of fact, the communication options that a website is able to give to its webmaster is actually more important than its design. The website is at its core a system for distribution, not a landing space for clicks. This is becoming more apparent as people with communications degrees are making their way into IT as web designers.

The trend here will only continue as templates and libraries make web design less of a technical burden. Currently, you do not have to know any command line syntax in order to create a website, even a website that can compete with elite international business. IT today is more about communicating with the customer than it is about learning a new programming language, and this trend will only increase as time goes on. There are few people who really need to know command line syntax as technology moves forward, and the web designer is definitely not one of them.

Front End Developer

If you do have a bit of technical proficiency when it comes to the digital space, then you may be able to expand into the role of a front end developer. However, this is still a marketing and communications position. It is also a design position. Why is this? The reason the front end developer is considered marketing, communications and design is because all front and development is geared towards pleasing the customer. Everything that is programmed is not there for its own sake, but only to be optimized as a customer facing option. If it is not, then it is no good to the employer.

Or a web designer. The wider variety of skills will also ensure longer periods of employment for contract work if the charge is front and development. Many of the aspects of front end development are ongoing – they cannot simply be programmed and then left alone. If a designer, a marketing professional or communications guru can land a few of these clients, there is a great deal of reward at the end of the rainbow.

However, design is still at the forefront of this front end development process. Even though there is some technical expertise required, this technical expertise is only important because of its ability to create accessible, intuitive user interfaces and customer facing options. Without this, those technical skills are absolutely useless. There is simply too much competition in the modern landscape of business for anyone to care about someone who is only technically proficient without the ability to apply that proficiency into a highly accessible format.

Awesome Marketing and Communication Jobs for Design Lovers

Digital Marketing Specialist

The digital marketing specialist puts the marketing and communications disciplines above design. If you get a job as a digital marketing specialist, you may not be responsible for any of the design aspects of a marketing campaign. As a matter of fact, you may outsource all of that to a web designer or a front end designer. However, this does not mean that you are completely devoid of a responsibility to design. You will be working closely with the designer that you hire to ensure that your campaign is moving as it should in all corridors.

As with all of the projects mentioned above, design is a very important element. The accessibility of the design is what creates the opening for communication with an audience. Even if a digital marketer does not learn any of the technical aspects of how to create a design, he is the strategist behind the technical aspects of the design. In many cases, the digital marketing specialist will take the lead in directing the way that the coder or designer puts things together. It is all about the customer in these projects, so there is never room to simply design or market for no reason.

Your Next Move

Depending on whether you place more emphasis on your marketing, communications or design skills, you can get involved in one of the professions mentioned above. All of them tend to work with each other a great deal, so you will definitely be joining aspects of one discipline into another as you move forward. If you want your career to progress, then you should definitely learn all three disciplines so that you can participate more fully in the process that you will be a part of.

You can bet that these disciplines will become more precise as time moves on. Technology does not stop, and neither does the job market. If you are looking to stay ahead of the curve, then you must understand how these jobs above will move in the future. Keep up with your skill set as well – this is the one thing that will allow you to get any job in the marketplace regardless of your core competencies.

Ronn Torossian is a public relations professional and CEO of 5W Public Relations