Careers in Cutting Edge Tech Sectors: 6 Challenging Options

If you are soon to finish your 12 years of formal education, you will no doubt be thinking about a career. Of course, you were born into the digital age (your parents would remember life without smartphones and iPads) with a good understanding of IT and with that in mind, here are 5 career paths in booming sectors that you might like to consider.

  1. Machine Learning – AI is developing at a frightening pace and this is an exciting time to get into field of machine learning; a technology that has huge implications for the human race. We already have AI systems that can accurately diagnose cancer from looking at X-Ray images and they can already surpass the human limits. AI will manage the Internet of Things (IoT) and there will be a huge demand for developers that can create AI networks and manage the system. Once machine learning has overtaken human knowledge, the potential is huge; especially in areas like design. The Internet of Things will be a global platform for every single digital device and that will require many people who are able to work with AI systems, ensuring a demand for the foreseeable future. The potential that AI offers humanity is unprecedented, as for the first time, we can build machines that are capable of learning
  2. Robotics – Another booming sector that is definitely the future and by sending your child to a top-rated school such as, they will gain the essential skills to move into the field of robotics in the senior years. If you are mechanically minded and have a good understanding of computers and electronics, this could be a great career opportunity that offers both challenge and reward. In the next 5-10 years, everything will be made by robots and these systems need engineers to manage and repair equipment.
  3. Blockchain Developer – Bitcoin runs on a blockchain and this is most definitely the thing of the future; a decentralised network that can be used to store critical data, which is currently being used by governments to store citizen data. A background in coding would be advantageous, as would a degree in computer science, although this is not essential. An experienced blockchain developer can command a very high salary and is much sought-after at present and that doesn’t look like changing anytime soon. A blockchain network is virtually un-hackable, which is why this technology is so popular and if you get in at ground level in the next year or two, this would put you in a very good position.
  4. Cyber-Security – Another possibility is cyber-security, which is also a booming sector that demands top-notch people and there will always be a high demand for technicians with a high level of knowledge about ethical hacking. Technicians carry out penetrative testing, looking for weaknesses in client networks, ensuring their data is always safe and there will always be a demand for cyber-security. This would suit a person who is a bit of an IT geek and there is a lot of research and training to do, which would come in the form of supervised work in the field.
  5. White Glove Logistics – This new generation of hi-tech equipment needs to be transported and installed, which is the job of the white glove technician. If you like a challenge and are technically-minded, this would provide a challenging career installing high grade medical equipment and state of the art secure telecommunication networks. You would spend a lot of your working time attending workshops, learning about new tech equipment and getting certified to work on the equipment.
  6. SEO Specialist – The whole world has gone digital and the search engine optimisation (SEO) technician always in great demand, due to their intimate knowledge of Google’s algorithms. This is a sector within the digital marketing arena and you would need to work under supervision for a few years, in order to acquire the IT skills you need to boost a client’s website within a Google search. If you would like to learn more about this career, talk to a leading SEO agency, who might be willing to take you on as a trainee.

This is definitely an exciting time to be entering the career arena and all of the above are booming sectors that offer a very challenging and rewarding career for those with the right attributes and skillsets. Once you have made your mind up, look for courses in local colleges and universities and study up on what subjects are required to enroll. Of course, it is important that you enjoy the work, then your working life will be a pleasure and you will be motivated to achieve.