College Students: 5 Great Career Paths to Consider

If you are only a year or two away from finishing your education, you will no doubt already be thinking about career options and with many new and innovative tech sectors, there are many choices. When choosing a career, it is important to look at future trends and with that in mind, here are some great sectors that have a lot of potential for a rewarding career.

  1. Blockchain Developer – Blockchain is an exciting new way to store data that uses a decentralised open ledger system that cannot be hacked. Digital currencies such as Bitcoin use blockchain technology and the demand for developers is huge and ongoing, while it is predicted that all organisations will store their data on blockchain networks and this sector is looking like it is the future of secure data storage. If you like IT and computing, start by writing some basic code, which will give you a good foundation for blockchain developing. If you are not a native speaker, HSC English tutoring is recommended, as you will need a high level of English in this sector. It is expected that governments will create blockchains for all citizen data, as this open ledger system in unhackable, at least we think so. Things like real estate, intellectual property rights and qualifications will all be stored and this would eliminate many types of fraud; anyone can login and check a person’s credentials, so you’d better have the qualifications you say you have!
  2. White Glove Logistics – Technical equipment demands specialist logistics and installation, and as we move fully into the digital age, the demand for white glove logistics will grow. You would need to study a lot, in order to become manufacturer-approved to work on hi-tech medical equipment, ATMs and state of the art fitness equipment. If you are good with your hands and understand the technology, this would be a very rewarding career with huge potential, which is a combination of hands-on logistics, IT and engineering. There are openings in the manufacturing side of hi-tech equipment, while others will turn to installation and maintenance, either way, the rewards are indeed many. If you are approved to work on hi-tech equipment, you will always be in demand. Talk to your career counsellor at school and he or she can point you in the right direction regarding the subjects to focus on, while also helping you to search online for specific information. Once you are ready to enter the career arena, make sure you have a professional resume, which will project the right image.
  3. Healthcare – Regardless of tech development, we are always in need of doctors, nurses and medical professionals and if you love helping people, the healthcare sector is an attractive proposition. Of course, there are many fields in healthcare and spending some time searching online will give you a broader understanding of the various fields in healthcare. The elderly care sector is a rewarding way to direct your energy, while at the other end, you have midwifery, nursing and dental treatments and using the latest nano technology will revolutionise the healthcare industry, with AI making accurate diagnosis.
  4. Design –Top designers in every industry are very much sought after and with amazing materials such as graphene and nano 3-D printing technology, you have a designer’s heaven! This is a very exciting time for designers everywhere, and computer software develops, empowering the designer in many ways. Innovative materials allow the designer to improve the properties of the equipment and with 3D printing, literally anything is possible. This career would require excellent 3D graphics skills and a familiarity with all the popular digital design platforms and if you have a talent for design, why not explore it and enjoy a rewarding career doing something you love.
  5. Robotics & Machine Learning – The emergence of AI has opened a new field called machine learning and coupled with robotics, humanoids will soon become reality. Most manufacturing plants are already using AI controlled robots and if you love working with your hands and understand computing, why not take the plunge into a new and exciting industry that has a rosy future? AlphaGo proved how far AI has travelled when it beat the world Go champion in Seoul Korea; AlphaGo won 4 out of 5 games and made such moves that not even the best players in the world could understand. AI will be used across all industries and getting into machine learning now would be a smart move.

This is definitely an exciting time to enter into the job market and wherever your interest lies, is where you should be focusing your attention and by choosing wisely, you will enjoy a long and very rewarding career. When you find a particular subject trying, there are online tutors who can help you gain a deeper understanding, regardless of the topic.

Choose a career where you have a high level of interest and making the sacrifices to achieve your academic goals will pay big dividends, as you strive to be successful in your chosen field.