Education Under Attack: How Education Affects Modern Careers

No one could have imagined that there would be a war on education in the United States, but there is a group of people in the country who are skeptical about the benefits of higher education.

This comes at a time when jobs are going through a radical change that will require specialized skills.

Sure, there are a number of good blue collar jobs, but that is not going to last. The war on education may lead to a crisis in the job market that could hurt the overall economic stability for years.

Why is Education Under Attack?

Education is under attack for a number of reasons that could be traced back to conservative values. It seems that some conservative Americans think that education leans too far to the left, which may be putting their beliefs in danger.

Of course, there may be other factors that could be contributing to this war on education, such as media outlets or propaganda that may be misinforming citizens on the impact of education.

Perhaps the best thing those who believe in education can do is re-brand what education is so that they can reassure these Americans that their thoughts are safe. This is especially important because this war could have detrimental effects on the country, which is already showings signs of trouble. A survey by Salesforce recruiters shows that two-thirds of respondents think degrees are unnecessary.

The Rise of Skilled Careers

The war on education does not seem to be affecting trade school, which usually focuses on hands-on training. This is a positive thing, but it may not be enough since the workforce requires specialized skills and degrees.

A troubling amount of American companies are struggling to fill positions because of the lack of qualified applicants.

Many of these companies know those baby boomers are retiring, making the need for a new group of qualified employees important. The lack of college degrees is not only hurting employers but also the American people themselves since not having a degree is pushing these individuals back.

It is estimated that about 65 percent of all jobs created by 2020 is going to require a college education. This makes sense since several jobs are springing up within the digital world.

There are a number of modern careers that need specialized skills and degrees. For example, coding and programming are becoming more important in this society. Online marketing is another career that continues to be even more sophisticated, requiring higher education.

Big data is another major career choice in the future since several aspects of online processes depend on algorithms, making degrees in this field vital. It should be noted that these are merely a few examples, but there are much more out there.

Keep in mind that college graduates are already taking most of the jobs today, so things are bound to get even worse within a few short years for those who decide that education is the enemy.

Another impending and troubling reality is that several blue collar jobs are in danger. For example, truck driving and delivery services are going through changes that are going to affect people later on.

Driverless transportation is becoming a reality, making truck drivers almost obsolete. Delivery services are being transferred to both driverless vehicles and drones using smart technology. These are just some of the jobs facing extinction that should worry those who do not believe in education.

Hopefully, there is a change in this dangerous trend. There are still Americans out there who value education and want this war against education to be snuffed out. It is easy to see just how important knowledge, degrees, and specialized skills are going to be in the future, making it vital for societies to grow.

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