Fashion Designer Courses Online to Check Out

You are the type of person who annually looks forward to Fashion Week, and loves to watch all the dress-making reality shows.

In your mind, one of your ambitions in life is to own a dress shop, and design pieces for the most glamorous models today. Perhaps, you also wish to be featured in fashion magazines where editors highlight an exclusive interview about your budding career.

You may already have all these planned out. Now, you are fully-geared towards getting the necessary learnings about the fashion industry as a business.

However, getting into an actual fashion institution is too much, given the many things on your plate right now.

What’s the best solution for this situation? Enroll in a fashion designing course online. Yes, there are a lot of online classes available for you. If you still haven’t found the right class for you, read on, and we might be able to give you the best answer:

1. Indiana Wesleyan University

Courses offered: B.S Digital Communication, B.S General Studies – Fine Arts and A.S. General Studies – Fine Arts

This university brags itself as a very creative community and ensures that all students are in a Christ-center approach, without compromising excellence.

  • Students are given consistent challenges as an attempt to develop their skills.
  • In IWU’s website, information is laid out for interested applicants, and they can quickly browse through the schedule and description of courses they are planning to enroll.
  • There are several options which interested applicants can make use online – they can request for additional information on the path they are eyeing on, and they can also make use of the university’s financial aid estimator.
  • The latter is the university’s way of creating options for students to have a more affordable education.
  • The website also allows interested applicants to meet the Art Faculty of the school.

2. Penn Foster Career School

Courses offered: Career Diploma: Dressmaking and Design

Under Penn Foster’s Dressmaking and Design Program, students are taught to:

  • Learn all the basic foundations of dressmaking.
  • Choose and care for the fiber, selecting the correct materials to be used, finishing garments and altering patterns.
  • The school also educate students on proper techniques for sewing which includes drapings and fittings.

This course can be completed as early as seven months, but students can have the option of extending the period if deemed necessary.

What makes this school unique among others is that it firmly believes that “one size does not fit all” thus, they are offering different tuition fee schemes and start dates to every student.

3. Southern New Hampshire University

Courses offered: BS in Fashion Merchandising Management, BA in Graphic Design and AS in Fashion Merchandising

With the variety of classes that the university provides, students can surely select what course they are mainly looking. In addition to the courses in basic design, fabric and color theory, students will also be:

  • Equipped within the business realm of the fashion industry upon completion of this course.
  • Students can eventually become experts in merchandising planning, sales promotion and financial performance, which are all very essential in the fashion business.
  • Students can complete this course over six 8-week terms per year at their own convenient time and pace – that’s one of the advantages of an online course, right?
  • Their application process is quite simple, and interested applicants may ask for assistance online.

4. Iowa State University

Courses offered: Design and Applied Arts (Fashion Design, General Visual Communications Design, Interior Design and Decorating)

Browsing through the university’s website, interested applicants can immediately notice that the school indeed has several accomplishments throughout the years.

It is the “place to be” when it comes to textile and clothing. In the Midwest, ISU is the number 1 school for fashion merchandising.

Aside from their faculty and staff who are considered cutting-edge in the fashion industry, IWU also boasts of being equipped with state-of-the-art technology to facilitate student’s learning better.

5. Michigan State University

Courses offered: Design and Applied Arts (Fashion Design, Interior Design, and Decorating)

MSU is the university which emphasizes creativity and experimentation. It believes that fine art and technical design are the recipes to be on top within the fashion industry.

  • Within the courses offered, students are educated in aesthetics, two and three-dimensional apparel and design technologies while injecting few cultural aspects.
  • Students can also take advantage of the university’s tuition fee aide. On its website, interested applicants can see a list of companies where most of the fashion graduates are working – a clear example that once a student finishes a course in MSU, the opportunities are limitless.

Most of the schools listed above have all the essential information available online to help you decide where to enroll as soon as possible.

Some universities also allow you to request for a quotation based on your budget and course preference. You can even ask for a site tour if you want!

With all of these options laid out to you, we hope that one of these could be your training ground in helping you achieve your dream career in the fashion industry.

Regardless of which school you plan to take your online fashion course from, here are some tips which can help you maximize your online learning:

1. Make sure that you have reliable internet connection.

  • This is the first rule whenever signing up for an online course. An unreliable internet connection restricts your learning when you have a one-on-one session with your class or worse; your online assignments might be unsaved when your internet crashes.
  • So before enrolling in an online course from any of the universities listed here, make sure that your internet (and your computer, too) is ready for long hours of use. You do not want all of your efforts to be put to waste, right?

2. Understand the course and know what to expect.

  • What you enroll in vs. what you hope it to be might be different the moment you start your classes.
  • This type of scenario can be avoided if you research thoroughly about the course, know about the university and ask questions to the right personnel.
  • Never be hesitant to request from the school you are interested in studying in about the course description, the schedule, and the materials to be used.
  • Since this entails cost on your part, you have to make sure that you get what you want from the course.

3. Study space is necessary.

  • Just because you are doing your course online, doesn’t mean you have to be complacent.
  • Once you are enrolled, you need to have a space dedicated solely to learning.
  • This space could be anywhere in your home or your office, but you have to make sure that this area is free from noise, distraction and is available for your use anytime.
  • You might also want to inform your friends or relatives whenever you are on your “study mode” for them to respect your time and not disturb you.

In a nutshell:

Enrolling in an online course is challenging. However, if you dedicate yourself on what you do, you will have no problem finishing that online fashion course you’ve always wanted.

You just have to remember that all these endeavors will pave the way towards your fashion career! If you do have dreams of becoming the next Kate Spade, check out Eroticanthology. It’s definitely a great site to learn everything you need to know about fashion designing.