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The Female Workforce is Driving a Long Overdue Change in the Workplace

It is clear that the United States is going through a significant change in the job market. At the moment, 68 percent of employers are having a hard time filling positions. Some of these jobs are high-paying positions.

To top it all off, women feel they are treated unfairly on the job, which can cost the American job market more than it is prepared to lose.

Part of what makes people want to get up in the morning is the trust they have in their employers. They expect to be paid for a job well done. American employees cannot lose faith in this system but that might happen. One reason people might lose faith is that of gender inequality in the workforce.

Gender Inequality Exists

There is no doubt that gender inequality exists in the workforce. Some people fight this truth and believe that the issue is a fabricated myth, but that doesn’t really matter.

What matters is that there are enough women in the workforce who believe that their male counterparts are getting paid more for the same work. A survey by a technology recruiter revealed that 46 percent of women believe that men were unjustly paid more.

Belief is pretty strong, and no company should have this issue festering within its workforce. Discrimination is not only illegal, but it can hurt a company in many ways. For one, it hurts morale, meaning that employee engagement is going to suffer.

Female employees who feel discriminated against may not be driven to perform well. Sometimes, business owners have a hard time retaining good and experienced employees. This retention issue will only be exasperated by discrimination.

Furthermore, any discussion of this discrimination could put a business in hot water, especially now that employees can simply get online and post statements on social media that the whole world can see. A large part of a company’s consumer base is bound to be unhappy to hear about possible discrimination, which could hurt sales.

Keep in mind that close to 80 million Americans are willing to boycott companies or corporations for political reasons at the moment.

Women are Vital in the Workforce

Employers need to cater to the largest workforce to ensure that every position is filled. Everyone knows that the largest generation to cater to is the millennial generation, but some are not paying attention to women.

Women now comprise 47 percent of the entire workforce, but they are estimated to become 51 percent in a short amount time. This means that employers not only need to cater to this group but must also create a work environment that will make women feel welcome.

Some companies are starting to feel the winds of change and are attempting to create a more welcoming environment for women. Some are offering programs to help women freeze their eggs or help them adapt in order to show their commitment to family planning.

Other companies are offering women power over their schedules. Women who work for companies with flexible schedules can stay at home to look after children or for any other reason without penalty.

The only thing that companies are focusing on is productivity, so no questions are asked as long as results are still being produced. Other companies are transparent about their pay to ensure women do not feel unappreciated, and some continue to push women into leadership roles.

It is clear that the power of women is becoming more evident in this society. Sure, the road is slow and long. There is still more work to do, but smart employers are reshaping their values to support this emerging force, and it is about time.