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5 Freelance Careers You Can Make Money from at Home

Thanks to the internet, industries that never would have existed twenty years ago are now big business. Some of the most successful companies in the world are wholly internet based, like Google, Facebook and Amazon.

There’s a lot of money to be made thanks to the internet, and some of it can be made at home. There seems to be no better time to pursue a freelance career. It offers flexible hours you can fit around your schedule, allowing you more time to spend with your family or work on your own passion that would have never existed

Here are our top tips for five freelance careers to help you Work from Home and make money.

  1. Blogger

If you have an active imagination and are good with words, why not consider freelance blogging?

If you can produce high quality and informative posts on a variety of topics, maybe a career as a blogger awaits you.

Think of where your area of expertise lies – be it parenting, travelling, or cooking – and then focus on that. You can turn a topic that inspires you into a lucrative career.

  1. Email Marketer

If you’ve got a good head on your shoulders, you can make a successful career as an email marketer. Usually people who excel in this role have previous experience in PR or marketing, and some skills with graphic design.

However, if you are a confident communicator and good at interpreting information, you might do well at it without experience.

As an email marketer, you will be responsible for running email campaigns encouraging subscribers to take specific actions for your client, such as buying more products. This is a job which can easily be done from home with only a laptop and an internet connection.

  1. Virtual Assistant

These days, many companies outsource assistant work to individuals online to save money. If you have experience as an assistant, you are a shoe in for a virtual assistant role, but really all you need is some experience in a business and a good organization.

This role involves performing standard office duties, like organizing schedules, updating calendars, and checking and replying to emails from home, for an hourly fee.

  1. Website Developer

If you know how to code, and have built a website for your own project like a blog or small ecommerce site, why not think about turning that skill into a freelance career?

Working as a website developer can be one of the most lucrative ways to work from home. As long as you have portfolio, you will have a never-ending stream of potential clients. Every business these days needs to have a website or risks getting left behind the pack. Put your skills to good use and you’ll never be short of work.

  1. Translator

Businesses often need translation work, especially if it’s a multinational company. They’ll need to make sure they have their eye on everything in different regions, despite the language difference.

If you speak more than one language, put your skills to good use and work as a freelance translator.

If you have a creative flair, perhaps consider translating for a publishing house on a work from home basis. You get to keep in good practice with your second language, and make a nice living doing it.

  1. Graphic Designer

Our culture is becoming increasing visual – can you think of one successful brand that doesn’t have an iconic logo or font?

If you have a good eye for design, and experience will illustration or design programs, look at becoming a freelance graphic designer. 

UK readers might want to try out a self employed loan to help finance the expenses needed for graphic design, such as design software or the right computer. This is another option for freelance work at home that can be very lucrative indeed.

  1. Online English Tutor

English is still the language of business consultations between people of different nationalities; the market for English language speakers isn’t going anywhere – nor is the desire to learn English.

You can capitalize on this need for English, by working as an English tutor online. If you plan classes, you can also sell them to other teachers, and make money from that as well.

If you provide English training for businesses, expect big bucks.