How to Crack the Technology Job Market

Technology is a way of life for most of us. Cell phones are like food – we can’t do without them. Laptops, home security systems, Smart TV’s and numerous other gadgets make our lives more simple, or more complicated, but either way, we love our technology.

Every industry, from Farming to Finance and from Education to e-commerce rely on data and tech. Our lives are surrounded, affected and supported by technology.

Sometimes we can’t live with it (technology can be frustrating), but we can’t live without it. To be without technology would be going back over a hundred years – no phones, no electric lights and no plumbing. 

But thankfully technology is here to stay. It helps drive our cars, powers our entertainment systems, it helps us communicate instantly and effectively and it warms or cools down our food and our homes.

Technology = Jobs

Technology also drives the job market. In most cases, submitting a resume can only be done online. Networking is all about Linkedin, social media and Facebook. The apps we use everyday gather copious amounts of data – your data, which is stored and shared, creating almost real-time advertising for the things we like best.

Not surprisingly, many of the highest paying jobs are tech-related, from software to networking, from analytics (analyzing data) to Database Administrators, tech jobs are in high demand and those willing to learn the markets will always have opportunities for work.

Help is on the Way

So how do you crack the tech-job market? Tech staffing agencies have a handle on the tech market, they know what tech firms are hiring and what jobs are available for this unique market. Staffing agencies also know how competitive the tech-job market is and can help guide you through the steps you’ll need to complete to find the type of job you’re qualified for.

Job markets all over the U.S. have changed dramatically over the past year. Tech companies rely on staffing agencies to help steer would-be employees to the jobs that do become available.

Tech staffing agencies have close relationships with 1000’s of private and corporate businesses. They know where help is needed and they know the needs of the local firms and places looking to hire. Whether it’s a QA Engineer position or a Web Developer gig, technology staffing agencies can help point you in the right direction.

Checkout staffing agencies that fit what you are looking for. Do a browser search for tech staffing agencies in your area, read up on those that look promising and contact them. Let them know what you are looking for and your willingness to be flexible. 

So Much to Choose From

As an example, to help job searchers find a good fit for tech positions, good tech staffing firms help break down tech-related jobs into categories with related skills. Areas such as Software Development with skills like Python, .Net and Cloud systems. They also match Creative markets such as Design and Marketing with related skills like Adobe/Photoshop, Copywriting and Google Analytics. They also correlate the always-needed IT/Networking jobs with valuable skills like Server Administration, Office 365 and Firewall configurations. In other words, tech staffing agencies can help you see what jobs are in demand and the corresponding skills needed to fill those positions.

Some of the better tech agencies also offer help with preparing for interviews and showing job lists that are current and local to your location. It’s one thing to spend hours searching individual companies for open positions when you can jump on a tech staffing site and view the job lists they have available for numerous organizations that need your skills, all in one place

IT staffing agencies can be your partner from beginning to end, from the East coast to the West coast since many have offices nation-wide and have a pulse into each of those regions and technology markets.

Experience and Networking = Success

Staffing agencies are valuable because they can work both sides of the job – helping the employee find a position as well as guiding the search for a company looking to hire, especially when it comes to high-level Executive searches. This is where networking plays a big part for those looking to take positions with tech companies who are looking for proven experience in Sales, Business Organization, Finance, HR, CEO/CSO/CIO and other top-level positions.

Temp or Contract Positions

Perhaps you don’t want to be tied to one company or skill, or you like the idea of being more flexible with your time and technical talents. A tech staffing firm can also funnel leads and contract work your direction, help with free-lance opportunities and provide freedom you wouldn’t have if you were  hired by a single organization. 

Especially this year where 2020 has forced many companies to tighten the belt and reduce costs, these opportunities for contract work may be more readily available than full-time hires. Companies still need the work done, but are looking for ways to reduce overhead and fixed costs. If you can be flexible but persistent, convincing and reliable, contract work may be a good fit for your schedule and lifestyle.

Veterans with Specialized Skills

Our military is run by technology. The skills veterans learn and apply while serving throughout the world are also valuable skills when returning to civilian life. The transition isn’t always easy, but tech staffing services can also help place veterans with needed skills in related organizations, especially for Defense Contractors who work closely with the different branches of the military. Skills learned and used in the field can also be applied in similar ways when military commitments are completed. 

Tech staffing agencies can help you contact the right company or opportunity for the skills you have or want to learn.

It’s hard to go the job market alone and 2020 has made that effort even more difficult because things have, and continue to change so quickly.

Jobs come and go, but opportunities are created based on hard work, persistence, your own vision and partnering with those who can help. Tech staffing agencies can do just that. Reach out today and connect with an organization that matches your vision and needs.