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How to Find a Better Job After You’ve Been Made Redundant

Many workers who’ve been through a redundancy would agree that it is a horribly demoralising experience – but it doesn’t have to be devastating. What if you could use your redundancy as an opportunity to find an even better job than the one you lost? That’s entirely possible. Here’s how to do it:

Decide on Your Optimal Job

It’s nearly impossible to achieve a goal you never set for yourself; so the first step in landing your dream job is to decide on your goal. The key here is to be totally intentional about determining what it is that you want from a job so you can dedicate yourself to pursuing exactly the right career opportunities.

Many workers, particularly those who have been made redundant, are all too willing to settle for the first job that becomes available to them. Then, instead of continuing the search for the position they really want, they get complacent. If you’re serious about landing your ideal job, this would be a mistake.

What is it, exactly, that you want to be doing? What job title do you want? What salary do you want to be earning? Decide on these things, and make a conscious effort to focus your efforts on pursuing jobs that will deliver the results you’re seeking.

Make a Plan for Getting From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

Next, it’s time to determine what, if anything, is holding you back from actually landing your optimum job:

 Potential barriers such as these can all be surmounted. You can enrol in an online course to bring your skills up to date. If your own fears are sabotaging your career success, it would be beneficial to work on building your professional self-esteem. Negative thought patterns can be countered with positive self-affirmations. Improving your inner monologues could do wonders for helping you to build your confidence and land your dream job.

Polish Your CV

Your CV is likely to need some updating before you send it out to potential employers. You may need to add your most recent coursework, or perhaps you need to work on effectively communicating the career breaks on your CV so they will not cause concern.

Once your CV is in good order, you are welcome to make use of an online job database; you can use it for searching more than 188,000 jobs to find likely places to submit your CV.

Reach Out to Your Network

Don’t make the mistake of conducting your job search entirely on the internet. Of all the things you could be doing, networking is an activity that is one of the likeliest to get you hired in a new role. According to experts at the National Careers Service, this is the means by which most job openings in the UK are filled. Social media networking can sometimes yield favourable results, but it isn’t usually as effective as face-to-face networking.

Impress Your Interviewers

When you obtain an interview for a job you want, make sure to do everything in your power to impress the interviewer. Dress properly for the meeting. As you interact with your potential future employer, let your confidence shine through.

Don’t get discouraged if it requires multiple interviews to find the right role. Repeat the networking and interviewing processes as many times as necessary until you obtain your ideal job. It may take some time to do; but if you’re persistent, you’re likely to succeed in transforming your redundancy into the ultimate opportunity for landing your dream job. In the end, that redundancy might even turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to you.