How To Solve Public Speaking Concerns

Public speaking is an extremely valuable skill for not only business professionals, but people in general, according to Alex Djerassi. The more a person practices public speaking, the better chance they have at being better at it. When put on the spot, it can be hard for people to not feel choked up or nervous when presenting in front of a crowd. Usually, students don’t have to speak in front of millions of people, but they do indeed have to start somewhere. With more people having digital profiles, it’s obvious that public speaking has taken a different turn. Nevertheless, when students, celebrities, and others are pursuing something in regards to public speaking then there is a sense of nervousness that goes along with it. Here are some ways extremely great public speakers have soothed their nerves and been successful in their speeches.

Does practice really make perfect? It’s clear that public speaking indeed takes a lot of practice. Being able to pull up answers for tough questions on the spot is extremely important for many people. The more variations of answers there, the better chance a person has of hitting the nail on the head. Let’s consider Miss. America Pageants for example. Each state representative has to go through a series of questions that allow them to show off their opinion and also increase their probability of winning. If they have a few different answers in the back of their heads, it’s more reassuring that they will conclude with a possibility. The whole point of public speaking is to not get caught up or tongue-tied when asked serious questions. Many presidential candidates, lobbyists, senators, celebrities, and CEOs have to learn multiple answers to a question to ensure they remember at least one. With cameras facing a person from every angle, it can be nerve-racking to stay the wrong thing. 

Next, a person should always shave confidence. When talking to a large group, project one’s voice, and stand up straight. Look into the audience and make as much eye contact as possible. The more people that connect with you, the more enticing it will be to hear one speak. Many times, those new to public speaking hideaway, and their body language is very timid. It’s important to project yourself to the audience and even fake the confidence until it seems apparent to audiences. In many cases, practicing confidence is not the best to achieve it. In order to actually work on one’s confidence, it’s best to give oneself a pep talk or understand that mistakes are completely acceptable. Alex Djerassi even needed practice before going on stage a multitude of times. Remember to stay true to oneself and always ask for help in times of need. 

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