Best Online Fashion Designing Courses

They say that proximity to the art cleanses our soul. For creative spirits wanting to be designers, fashion as an applied form of art brings more than just clarity. For them, fashion offers purpose—a will to live.

Becoming the next Coco Chanel or Oscar de la Renta, however, isn’t overnight success. Becoming a true icon in the world of fashion design entails passion, perseverance and the skill to put your own collection.

Thanks to rapid digitalization, brick and mortar institutions are no longer the exclusive avenues where people could access fashion design education.

With fashion designing courses online, advancing your fashion career is possible wherever you are in the world.

Gird your loins! Today we will take you to some of the best online fashion designing courses that are worth every penny or could even be free!

Fashion Design 101: An Introduction

This online fashion designing course is crafted for fashion hopefuls who wish to have a general view of a career in the fashion industry. It includes a total of eleven lessons that can be easily accessed by potential students anytime, online.

Access it here:

Study Timeframe: This course takes 6 months to complete.

Enrollment Cost: This online fashion designing course allows you to sign up to either one of its program offerings:

  • $50.00 with no certificate
    • $75.00 with CEU Certificate

What is a CEU Certificate? CEU is an acronym for Continuing Education Unit. This is a unit of credit equivalent to ten hours of participation in an accredited program designed by certified professionals in various practices.

What it offers:

  • It introduces you to available careers related to fashion design.
  • It involves fashion designing core principles such as color, pattern making and illustration and other technical aspects of fashion.
  • It is ideal for students, seamstresses and other enthusiasts wishing to learn more about the fashion business and design quality.
  • It covers lessons tackling the fashion haut couture and budget clothing.
  • It also teaches you knowledge on design research, fabric, color, and texture coordination as well quality and fit evaluation.

Grading Policy: You will need to earn a final grade of 70% or higher to receive an online/downloadable CEU Certification documenting CEUs earned.


  • It is completely online.
  • It is self-paced and includes instructor feedback.
  • It is available 24/7 and enrollment are open continuously.
  • It is compatible with PC and Mac.
  • It is Android and IOS friendly.
  • It is an accredited provider by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training IACET (0.7 IACET CEUs).

Style Design College (SDC) Fashion Design (BA Degree, Certificate or Diploma Course)

The program is offered by the Italian Education Group which is one of the fastest growing private, online institutions in Europe.

Access it here:

Enrollment Cost: This online fashion design course allows you to sign up to either one of its program offerings:

    • Fashion Design (BA Degree): $ 1240
  • Fashion Design (Diploma): $ 1050
    • Fashion Design (Certificate): $ 810
  • Fashion Design (Certificate) + How to Use a Sewing Machine (Short Course): $ 915

What it offers:

  • It focuses on development and guidance rather than instruction.
  • It tackles visual communication through fashion illustration, creative design, and technical drawing.
  • It nurtures skills in clothing technology through pattern making, garment construction, textile theory and design production.
  • It harnesses design foundation with a second level visual communication and clothing technology training.
  • It also covers digital designs which introduce applicants to rendering technical drawings in a digital format.
  • It recaps on fashion history focusing on contemporary fashion designers.
  • It allows students under the Degree program to go on a 3-week internship at the design house of their choice.
  • It requires students to submit a dissertation as the final requirement for the Degree program.


  • It is registered as a Private Higher Education Provider in the European State of Italy.
  • No additional fees. One payment only.
  • Receive expert tutoring and advice from practicing Professionals.
  • Applications are open all year.
  • Course extensions are available.
  • Graduates receive an International qualification from ECD/SDC Italy.
  • Free online portfolio.
  • Graduates can transfer credits to other Institutes, either Private or Governmental.
  • All graduates are able to receive a Transcript along with their Certificate as well as a ‘Learning Outcome Framework’ of the Program highlighting all learning outcomes and skills that they have attained.

Free Online Fashion Design Courses:

Did you know that there are fashion design courses online that you can access for free? These courses are made available by the OpenCourseWare (OCW) websites. Classes under OCW share lessons and learning materials that were used previously in traditional, in-person college classes.

REMINDER: Subscribing to free online resources don’t earn you any college credits, but you are able to access learning materials that are commonly provided in regular institutions.

See our list of top free online fashion designing courses:

Oxford Home Study College Free Fashion Design Course

This online fashion design course claims to be packed with world-class content formulated by esteemed academic and industry leaders. It doesn’t require the applicant any time restrictions, experience or knowledge to sign up.

Access it here:

What it offers:

  • It focuses on three major topics which include an overview of the contemporary fashion design industry, essential design elements, and principles.


  • Enrollment is open all year-round.
  • Successful learners are awarded a FREE OHSC certificate issued by the College.

Brentwood Open Learning College (BOLC) Free Fashion Design Course

As firm believers of accessible, affordable and enjoyable distance learning, BOLC offers a free fashion design course that will help any aspiring designer equip himself or herself the necessary course materials for him or her to jump-start a career in the fashion industry.

Access it here:

Study Timeframe: 20 hours approximate

What it offers:

  • Introduction to Fashion Design
  • Elements of Design
  • Principles of Design


  • No particular entry requirements
  • Enrollment is ongoing all year-round
  • Successful learners are awarded a FREE BOLC certificate issued by the College.

Beginning Costume Design and Construction at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Costume design entails the use of color, texture, style and other clothing properties to express the different aspects of a character’s lifestyle and personality. As a fundamental concept when it comes fashion design, this course by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Music and Theater Arts, serves as an intermediate workshop for you to have a basic foundation of theatrical design principles.

Access it here:

What it offers:

  • Practical exercises in research, character analysis, and design.
  • Instruction in basic costume construction, drafting, draping and tools for final project production.

Playing small doesn’t serve the world any purpose. Shine on! Don’t let geographical, financial or physical barriers stop you from reaching the pinnacle of success. Lift the weights that will lead you to the once, impenetrable fashion world. London, Paris, and Tokyo aren’t the only places where you can equip yourself with the necessary skills to be a designer. Learn according to your own time by maximizing the vastness of online learning. Check out the online fashion designing courses we’ve rounded up in this article. As you embark on a virtual learning experience, take note of these helpful pointers:

When it comes to choosing the right fashion design online course, make sure to:

  • Research about the reputation of the institution offering the course
  • Confirm that the program is accredited by a respected fashion organization
  • Ensure that it is known for a leading position in the fashion industry