The Importance of Writing Essays for a Business Major

Yes, writing essays is always a big part of schooling, whether college, university, or even just for high school. Essays aren’t forced upon students just because teachers like watching their subordinates squirm. They are designed to help enrich a student’s mental capacities, critical thinking skills, and other skills too. In terms of running your own business or assisting in someone else’s business, being able to write a good essay can help in more ways than just one. What is the important of solid essay writing skills for a business major?
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1. Bettering Your Logic & Critical Thinking Skills

One thing which writing essays as a business major will help you with, is to better your logical thought and critical thinking processes. When you go into business, whether you are managing someone else’s business or starting your own, being able to critically analyze information and use logical thought processes to come to decisions is a really important skill.
Essays are all about gathering information, using logical thought to make plans and arguments, and using critical thinking to make links between facts and to disseminate the real facts from the bogus claims. These are all skills which will come in very handy when it comes to running a business of any kind. Coming up with a business model, marketing, and identifying target audiences all require good critical thinking skills.

2. Forming & Structuring A Convincing Argument

Another thing which essays are all about is forming a convincing argument. Actually, the whole point of an essay is to create a solid argument based around a single thesis, backed up by real evidence. When you write essays as a business major, you will be tasked with forming a logical argument based on facts in order to achieve a certain conclusion or end.
This definitely comes in very important when it comes to running a business of your own. You need to be able to make an argument. For examples, you will need to be able to convince investors as to why they should invest in you. On the flipside, when it comes to marketing and your target audience, you need to be able to form coherent arguments as to why your product or service is the best.

3. Increasing Your Vocabulary

Now, this may sound a little out there, but writing essays will absolutely go a long way in increasing your vocabulary and language skills. This turns out to be very important for running and managing a business. Simply put, people will be far more inclined to listen to what you have to say, if you say it in an orally pleasing way.
Being a good orator, having a large vocabulary, and being able to use those big and fancy words always leaves a good impression on teammates, potential clients and customers, and on investors too. If you plan on successfully running a business, you don’t only have to know what you are doing and talking about, but you need to be able to convince people of that as well.

4. Learning To Do Citations & Find Sources

The other reason why writing essays is so important for success down the road, is due to finding sources and citations. This is especially important if you are writing a business plan, a whitepaper, or are doing research to backup claims and theories made by your business. It is one thing to back up claims, but to actually list good sources is another.
Related to this, finding sources and citations will also give you a taste for the diversity of information available to you. For example, being able to spot the value differences which different sources has is very important, such as between a hardcore right wing and super left wing news source. Being able to find the right sources, ones with real merit, is something you will definitely have to get used to if you want to run a successful business.

Essays & Business

Okay, so we know that writing essays can be really hard, especially when it comes to deadlines. Yes, they take a lot of time and effort to write. If you simply don’t have any time to spare, if you need help with essay writing, there are some great services out there which can help you get started and give you some great ideas. Heck, some of them allow you to just fill in a title, and the subheadings and main points to be argued will then be provided to you! Being able to put together good essays is invaluable when it comes to your future life as a business man or woman.

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