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Careers Reveals 5 High-Demand Jobs in New Zealand in 2020

Choosing precisely the right career has always posed challenges for job seekers. However, in 2020 and the years beyond, New Zealand’s young people and career changers are likely to face a more complex series of challenges when deciding on a vocational path to pursue. This is partly because new technologies are shaping New Zealand’s future at an unprecedented rate. Automation is resulting in the decline of some jobs in New Zealand, while leading to the rise of other types of jobs. New Zealand’s demographic trends also play a role in determining what the job market will be like in the years ahead.

Anyone who is embarking on a new career can use an awareness of these trends to avoid investing effort in training for a role in a declining industry such as manufacturing. The following careers are ones where skills shortages are currently an issue or expected to be problematic in the future; experts project that demand for workers in these vocations will be strong in 2020 and the coming years:

1. Engineer

New Zealand is in need of multiple types of engineers including chemical engineers, civil engineers, electrical engineers and others. The New Zealand government has recently been undertaking many sizable building and construction projects, and engineers have been needed to complete them. New environmental standards have resulted in a need for upgraded water infrastructure. There’s also been growing demand for new power stations.

2. Construction Project Manager

There’s currently a construction boom in progress in New Zealand. However, the boom has unfortunately been somewhat hindered by a dire shortage of skilled tradespeople to do the needed work. In particular, building and construction managers are needed in the Auckland area to oversee the construction of new houses as the city’s population grows.

3. Chef

In the short-term, a chef’s career is a solid prospect in New Zealand. Excellent chefs are in high demand right now, thanks to a variety of factors including New Zealand’s booming tourism industry and Kiwis’ love of dining out.

In the long term, future prospects for chefs are less clear. Multiple tech companies are designing new cooking robots that are likely to reduce the future workload available for chefs. It’s uncertain as to whether this job could, or would be completely automated at some point in the future.

As of right now, there are no robots that can successfully mimic a human chef’s creativity in experimenting with ingredients and creating delightful new culinary dishes. While it is possible that robots may replace some cooks in the kitchens of the future, it is unlikely that the most talented chefs will ever be replaceable. So if you choose this career path, be aware that you’ll probably need to get incredibly good at the job to remain employed in the long term.

4. Ski or Snowboard Instructor

 New Zealand offers outstanding ski resorts including Cardrona, Treble Cone, Mt Hutt and others. If you’re an experienced ski or snowboarding enthusiast, and you’d enjoy spending your days on the ski slopes, becoming an instructor might seem like your dream job.

What’s the catch, you might wonder? How is it possible that there could be a shortage of snowsports instructors in a sportsperson’s paradise such as New Zealand?

For starters, the pay for snowsports instructors tends to be lower in this country than it is in other countries like France and Switzerland. Also, with this being a seasonal job, you’d have to be disciplined about either saving money or finding other work to carry you through the offseason. But if you can get past those 2 issues, there are work opportunities available to explore.

5.  Nurse

The numbers of available job opportunities for nurses in New Zealand are currently on par with the national average. However, some New Zealand healthcare facilities have been experiencing nursing shortages. These are likely to become direr in the future, considering the country’s ageing population. Statisticians have projected that, by the year 2050, this country may have as much as 27 percent of the population that is over the age of 65. There is likely to be a corresponding increase in demand for nursing care in the years ahead.

These are some of the industries that are likely to grow in the future, creating solid job opportunities for New Zealanders. The experts tell us that hiring demand for most jobs is likely to be strongest in Auckland and Australia’s other sizable cities.

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