Want To Change Career? Why Cybersecurity Is a Great Choice

There’s never been a better time to make the career switch into cybersecurity than right now. As incidents of cyber attacks increase exponentially each year, company directors and IT teams around the world are crying out for the technical expertise to combat the hackers.

Don’t worry if you have zero experience in the field though, because the industry is fertile ground for training, and many organizations are encouraging people from all walks of life to make the switch. We’ll tell you how you can take the leap, and point you towards some companies that are actively hiring today. 

The Global Developer Shortage

To really understand why this is a good career switch, it helps to put the industry in the context of its global developer shortage. Upwards of three quarters of companies say they’re struggling to find cybersecurity technicians, and there are almost three million unfilled roles across the globe. 

With high demand and low supply, the industry is seeing historically high wages coupled with excellent training incentives to encourage newcomers into the cyber world. Given the consequences of hacks and breaches that can run into millions of dollars, companies are scrambling to fill this skills gap. 

Plus, as more and more business is conducted online, this sector is set to grow even more in the near future, offering secure career prospects for years to come. 

How to Break into the Industry?

There are dozens of courses, boot camps, university degrees and online resources available to help both security veterans and complete newcomers. If you’re considering the switch, you might want to start with some of the following. 


A long-established trainer with a strong reputation, Coursera offers 100% online degrees and certificates in the cybersecurity field. You can sign up for basic courses to learn the fundamentals, before progressing to analyst qualifications recognized by IBM and Google IT support. 

The platform has even partnered with universities across the country to offer highly specialized training. Once qualified, you’ll be equipped with an excellent set of transferable skills which will impress any recruiter.  


edX is an online learning platform founded back in 2012, and it comes with an impressive heritage. Created by Harvard and MIT engineers, it hosts thousands of university courses entirely online. There are now more than 150 educational institutions operating from the site, with new organizations joining all of the time. 

Its cybersecurity offerings are pretty impressive too. Not only does it allow you to learn the basics, but you’ll also get access to master’s degrees, ethical hacker training, getting started with Amazon Cloud security and how to protect devices connected to the Internet of Things. 

Much like Coursera, the skills you learn here are added to your job-hunting arsenal and can give you a competitive edge when applying for roles. 


You might have heard of Udemy as it has had quite a meteoric rise in popularity over the last 10 years. This online learning platform allows anyone to create and post content, and the site now has more than 155,000 courses available. 

Cybersecurity is well catered for here, with hundreds of options covering a whole range of topics. However, the bulk of the content is focused on helping users prepare for, and pass, exams they’ll need to sit as part of various certifications. Some courses are far better than others, and luckily there’s a user rating system to help guide you to the best ones. 

Which Companies are Recruiting Right Now?

Once you’ve got some training and certifications under your belt, how do you know which companies are recruiting? We’d highly recommend trying out some smaller startups. These organizations are more dynamic, flexible and are willing to take on passionate new staff. You’ll usually have more luck here than you would at a big multinational corporation where you could get lost in the recruitment churn. Check out our top three picks below.. 


Jobot is combining artificial intelligence with the recruitment industry to create a fairer, kinder system that gets results. Its algorithm can quickly match qualified cybersecurity job seekers to the right roles, and you can get connected to high paying jobs right across the country. Current opportunities include IT support technicians, senior software engineers and entry level administrative roles for those looking to take their first steps into the industry.

However, we really love Jobot for its company culture. Building genuine human connections is part of the organization’s mission, and job-seekers can be assured they’ll be in safe hands with the attentive staff. 


GoGuardian’s ethos is ‘Safer Students, Better Learning’ and is squarely focused on providing the best digital learning environment for K-12 school students across the country. Its smart use of technology helps educators in the classroom, supports student’s mental health and protects students from harmful content. 

If this sounds like a meaningful company to get involved with, it’s currently looking for data engineers, software support, infrastructure roles and technical specialists. The behind the scenes IT team is vital for the overall success of GoGuardian, and it’s a great industry to get into if you’re looking for satisfying and impactful work. 

Perimeter 81

This startup has taken the Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) industry by storm. The founders saw that the world was moving increasingly to a remote way of working, and realized that this would bring a whole host of new security issues along with it. 

The company’s products are focused on helping businesses adapt to working with a global workforce, and it provides solutions that simplify network access, quick scalability and complete visibility of who is logging in and where. 

The organization has seen some incredible growth over the last few years, and it’s hungry for new hires. Current roles include front-end developers, lead architects and software engineers. Although positions are available right across the company in sales, marketing and HR too if you’d like to land an entry-level role in the industry.