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What Are 5 of the Lesser Known Facts About Private Investigators?

Foggy evenings, classic trench coats, dashing hats and mysterious looks. While these all may sound familiar from movie scenes depicting the lives of private investigators, reality tends to look a little bit different. Private investigators really do have a job like no other, but there are a few things that pop culture unnecessarily emphasized, while completely missing out on other significant aspects of their job. Having said this, it’s time to dispel some of these myths and reveal some of the lesser known and fun facts about a private investigator’s life and career:

1. They Have a Wide Array of Activities

In most cases nowadays, private investigators have a large number of activities they can be involved in and it’s not like in the movies, where they’re only concerned with infidelity or missing persons. Of course, these are valid activities in their portfolio, but there are others as well.

Private investigators can also work on child custody cases, fraud cases, domestic surveillance, asset searches, sexual assault, K-9 drug detection or automobile theft, among many other activities. They can specialize in one such field or they can increase their overall skills by switching private investigating activities every so often.

2. They Protect You Against Being Catfished

A lot of today’s dating has moved online and so have romance suspicions. Plenty of people who are starting online affairs or relationships reach a point where they’re wondering if the other person is who they claim to be. Of course, this is because cases like this really do occur and many of them are orchestrated by older people who are in need of attention. Other cases also reach a point where the other person is asking for money, which of course is a red flag that needs addressing.

This is where many people decide to hire a private investigator and want to find out who the other person behind the screen really is. Private investigators have also become great at digging up information online about a person, so rest assured there’s nothing escaping their keen eye and attention.

3. They Can Successfully Bust Fraud

Especially when it comes to fraud cases, private investigators will find out what your financial situation is. They do have ways of finding out about the ins and out of your finances – they will gain access to your account info, without having the possibility to manage it, of course.

By having this sort of information at their disposal, they can ultimately connect the dots and figure out if that person or company is involved in suspicious financial activities that are ultimately detrimental to the state. The best private investigating companies out there, such as Haywood Hunt & Associates, will help you out by offering you the services of chartered professional accountants and certified fraud examiners that together can solve even the more tangled fraud cases.

4. They Don’t Need a Diploma to Start This Career

In order to become a successful private investigator, it does help to have a diploma in private investigating, but it’s not the end-all path. Instead those looking to become private investigators need to find a well-respected institution that organizes proper real private investigator courses.

Once they do graduate and become private investigators, they need to embrace private investigating just as they would any other job. At the end of the day, it’s not all glamour and suspense. On the contrary, it will have its boring downtimes and they’re part of the whole package.

5. They May Dig Through Your Trash

This is the one part that is indeed similar to what movies have taught us about private investigators. If needed to advance their case, they will often look through people’s garbage and find the precious resources they need to continue or dispel their assumptions about something.

For example, they may find muddy shoes that were thrown away by someone who wanted to leave no trace or they may even find proof of drug abuse, which is critical in legal custody cases. It’s not the most glamorous part of their job, but it can indeed be very satisfying especially when they do find something relevant to the case at hand. Private investigators looking through trash is not a common sight though because they have their ways of remaining stealthy.

There are ultimately a lot of things people don’t know about private investigators, their activity and their lives. Some of the facts have been glamorized by the media, while others are still their best kept secrets. Regardless of this, private investigators have careers like no other that even with its downtimes, offers tremendous excitement, intrigue and satisfaction. It seems that maybe a bit of movie magic is still preserved in real life and we have private investigators to thank for it.

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