Cash Flow

7 Fun Ways to Spend Your Money

Sitting on a pile of cash with nothing to do seems like a dream for a lot of people, but for others, they just want to have fun.

Investing and saving are smart, long-term solutions for your money, but they aren’t exciting, and no one would say they had a great time putting money away not to touch it.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t invest and save, but you should also enjoy your life. Life passes by fast, so you need to experience it while you can.

Finding ways to spend your money and have fun isn’t hard at all. There are more things you can do than you can imagine, so the difficult part is narrowing it down to some creative ideas that you like.

There’s the old saying that money doesn’t buy happiness, but you rarely see someone crying in a luxury car, so you be the judge. Here are six fun ways for you to spend your hard-earned money and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

1. Vintage/Class Cars

Whether you want to collect them or race them, vintage and classic cars are one of the go-to ways to spend your money. The car experts at Revology Cars highlight an important detail in classic car ownership: the price.

Many people think owning these cars can be super expensive, which may be true if you’re looking for a very rare or unique car, but for more commonly owned classics like the Ford Mustang, the prices are actually quite fair.

Classic cars offer fun for collectors and enthusiasts who want to push it to the limit on a track or the highway, and it’s certainly an exciting way to spend your money.

2. Private Charter Flight

Ever wanted to feel like a rock star? Of course, everyone has had that dream once in their life. The problem is not many people have the talent to be a rock star, but you can still feel like one with private charter flights.

Not only are charter flights incredibly cool, but they actually are more efficient than commercial flights.

Saving time on security checks and skipping lines is a huge bonus, and if you already have an exotic destination you want to experience, then why not book a flight and start living it up?

3. Cottage Property

Not all of the fun ways to spend money are going to be cheap. That’s just the nature of affording luxury items. Not only that, but not every luxury item is just an item; some are savvy investments if done right.

Buying a cottage property is a good way to ensure you have your own little getaway for relaxation, but could provide a long-term investment if you plan on upgrading through renovation and selling when markets are in your favor.

Real estate and land are still one of the best investments you can make with your money, and if you just want somewhere to spend your vacation time in the summer, it’s also an investment in your lifestyle.

4. Skydiving

Not for the faint of heart, but skydiving is easily one of the most adventurous ways you can spend your money. Have you ever imagined jumping out of a plane from 10 000 feet high, but wonder how much it costs?

That’s a common theme when trying to find fun ways to spend your money, and thankfully, skydiving is actually quite cheap.

For around $300, you can find most commercial skydiving schools can give you the experience of a lifetime without breaking the bank. Who knows, you might end up loving it and learning to do solo dives.

5. Luxury Rental Vacation

Staying at normal hotels seems so boring, which is why a luxury rental vacation is in the cards. Anything from a private villa to a full-blown European castle can be rented.

The costs vary depending on location, season, number of guests, and the rental property, but you certainly can find something that beats a conventional hotel.

Coastal Italian villas, castles in the German forests, or a beach hut in Bali can expand your travel experience and allow you to bring along that special someone or your closest friends to have an unforgettable vacation of a lifetime.

6. Exotic Spa Retreat

Spa retreats are a good way to de-stress and unwind in style. What you can do to enhance a regular spa experience is by going to an exotic spa retreat. You can still get all of the same massages and the usual benefits of a spa, but exotic spas can treat you to mudbaths and even hot springs.

Some of these spa retreats are located far away, like in Iceland, but they offer a unique opportunity to feel the restorative properties of a spa vacation above and beyond the normal spa outing.

7. Installing a Pool

Installing a pool is a big investment of money and an even bigger investment of time and labor, but the opportunity to have a pool in your backyard can enhance your days spent hanging around the house.

In-ground or above ground, pools are great for people who want to improve the value of their home as it can be an attractive selling feature for a prospective home buyer, assuming you sell at some point.

If you don’t want to, you can sit back on the deck and lounge next to your at-home resort environment. You can take it a step further and install a hot tub or sauna to really take it over the top, but it’s up to you. 

Not every fun way to spend money is the same. Some are more expensive, some are more about the experience, and some allow for a long-term investment in enjoyment.

These are just 7 of the fun ways you can spend your money and get the most out of your hard work to treat yourself. Whatever you choose, remember that you only live once, so you better enjoy it!