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Cafeterias in the New Normal

Cafeterias have become the hub of business in today’s workplace. The corporate world now recognizes the need to incorporate cafeterias into work tools as part of the restructuring of the workplace to meet the demands of social distancing. Cafeterias are now ideal for meetings and events. This new idea embraces utilizing the cafeteria to maintain […]

Brick And Mortar 2.0: Designing Pleasant And Safe Shops Post-COVID
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Brick And Mortar 2.0: Designing Pleasant And Safe Shops Post-COVID

People visit brick and mortar locations – whether grocery stores, boutiques, or medical offices – because they offer something online interactions can’t. In some cases, this is an issue of quality; medical professionals can typically provide better care in person. Often times, though, it’s about pleasure. Brick and mortar businesses are designed with all the […]

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4 Types of Effective Management Styles

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or in a management position within a corporation, you’re responsible for getting the best out of your employees. It’s not always easy to motivate your staff and get them to buy into your vision for the company. The solution to that problem is quite literally a million-dollar one. With so many […]

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SSDI Recipients Denied Pandemic Unemployment Assistance

During the coronavirus pandemic, over 44.2 million Americans have filed for unemployment. This unemployment is widespread across every state in the United States; every single industry has been affected by COVID-19, which has killed hundreds of thousands of individuals worldwide. The CARES Act assists those who have hit economic hardship due to the pandemic, with […]