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How to Get Your Business Ready to Sell

Getting a business ready to sell can be a big undertaking, but it’s better to proactively prepare as opposed to winging it or scrambling. Knowing what to expect ahead of time and being proactive in your preparations can pave the way for a faster sale. Even if you’re not going to be selling your business […]
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What's the Best Way to Structure a Work Meeting?

Meetings serve an important purpose in the workplace: Getting everyone on the same page in terms of goals and action items. But it’s entirely possible for meetings to turn into “too much of a good thing.” Too many meetings are counterproductive in that they end up wasting employees’ time and increasing their frustration levels—both negative […]
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5 Unconventional Instagram Marketing Tips

When marketing your business and products on Instagram, you’ve probably been through the conventional marketing strategies. You’ve created a business profile, used Instagram’s free analytics tools, showcased your products through Instagram Stories and regular posts, created sponsored ads, and posted every single day. But what if you’re still not seeing the engagement you’d hoped for? […]
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Expertise. Artistry. Bespoke. This is Society Awards

“I wanted to reimagine the awards to be mysterious, beautiful and sexy, like high-end jewelry.” Society Awards CEO and Founder David Moritz explained to a CNN Money reporter when describing what was missing from the high-end, custom design award industry when he created his company. Society Awards, the premier design and manufacturing business, is responsible […]
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