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What brands will be earning money in the future

As anybody in business, you probably think about the future and what the next big thing is. What will steal the hearts of consumers? Who are going to be the winners? A massive change in retail and ecommerce is already underway thanks to the younger generation who no longer see big, long-standing incumbents as trustworthy […]
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Combatant Gentlemen Technological Tailor

Headquartered in Irvine, California, Combatant Gentlemen, also known as Combat Gent, is one of the world’s first companies to offer tailor-made suits and design services online, combining the best of a personal shopping experience and modern technology. Along with suits, the company also produces complementary products including shirts, denim, outerwear, chinos, footwear, and accessories, including […]
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How to Create Memories through Corporate Gifts

When it comes to corporate gifts, there are many luxuries that companies could purchase. These gifts can range from a luxury trip of scuba diving and golf to corporate gift baskets. Corporate clients tend to remember those companies that give them a physical expensive gift as it shows appreciation for something accomplished. When you’re the […]
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6 Strategies to Help you Improve your Business

Running a business can be really overwhelming at times. Juggling everyday tasks while looking for an opportunity to make advancements is hard on its own, and it can be even more challenging between the shifting markets and facing new competition in your industry. What will you do if running your business puts a strain on […]
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4 Killer Brand Engagement Strategies That Guarantee Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is invaluable to every business. A business subsists and expands mainly because it has customers. Therefore customers are, simply put, your business. Every entrepreneur aspires to make a profit and building a sound relationship with your customers is essential in this regard. Also, in your cost reduction and profit maximization techniques, you require […]
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Branding: Are You Ready to Make an Effort?

When you are doing market research and approach, someone with a straight forward question like: “Would you buy our product and, if not, why?” and get the answer somewhere along the line of “Who the hell are you people?”, there is something very wrong with your marketing. Putting yourself on a map and engraving the […]
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