What Should Be Your Highest Priority When Selecting a Photography Business Card Template?

When you plan on creating new business cards for your photography business, the first thoughts tend to be of the images you’ll put on the business cards itself. The price tag is probably a close second. But what factors should you be using to select the right photography business cards template? Constraints There are several […]

branding impact

Branding’s Impact on the Value Chain

A company’s value chain is set in motion well before the first sale. However, it’s not something that many entrepreneurs revisit. Most business owners will hardly ever evaluate their value chain. Break that mold and reconsider your value chain. As your brand grows, the everyday duties that relate to your customers should change as well. […]


Combatant Gentlemen Technological Tailor

Headquartered in Irvine, California, Combatant Gentlemen, also known as Combat Gent, is one of the world’s first companies to offer tailor-made suits and design services online, combining the best of a personal shopping experience and modern technology. Along with suits, the company also produces complementary products including shirts, denim, outerwear, chinos, footwear, and accessories, including […]