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Middle Eastern Shipyard Salesman Acquitted in Mozambique Loan Fraud Trial

A federal jury in Brooklyn, NY, consisting of nine women and three men acquitted a Lebanese shipbuilding executive on all charges in a controversial case involving some $2 billion in loans issued to state-run agencies Mozambique. Jean Boustani, a 41-year-old salesman employed by Privinvest Group, an international shipbuilder with headquarters in the Middle East, was found […]

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5 Arguments for Above-and-Beyond Corporate Philanthropy

How generous is your organization? Virtually every privately held corporation engages in corporate giving on some level. Even the most profit-driven owners have priorities beyond the four walls of their enterprises, after all. If nothing else, these priorities involve self-interest, and the attendant “philanthropy” manifests pragmatically — most often as contributions to political officeholders and […]

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How Blockchain can Transform Document Management Systems

Documents form an essential pathway of communication in and around an organization. Internet led technologies have been altering our workplaces from emails to file management software to office apps and much more. A  document management system (DMS) automates and simplifies document handling. It gives you an effortless way to handle your day to day documents […]

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The Top 7 Reasons Clients Leave

Marketing agencies face pressure on multiple fronts, but one of the biggest sources of stress—and one of the most crucial factors for success—is the problem of client retention. Your revenue depends on your ability not just to attract new clients (which you can do—you are a marketing specialist, after all), but also your ability to […]