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The Top 7 Reasons Clients Leave

Marketing agencies face pressure on multiple fronts, but one of the biggest sources of stress—and one of the most crucial factors for success—is the problem of client retention. Your revenue depends on your ability not just to attract new clients (which you can do—you are a marketing specialist, after all), but also your ability to […]

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How To Streamline Your Business Processes Using Document Management

Document management and file sharing are vital aspects regardless of whether you run a small business or big business. Everyday operations usually include the management and processing of vast amounts of data to effectively support business operations. A disorganized system often leads to time wastage as one tries to locate vital documents. In connection to […]

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Docprime: What You Need To Know

While technological developments have disrupted how we conduct business, how we live our lives, and how we communicate, the medical industry has for the most part remained ‘traditional’, experiencing very minor changes on the medical services delivery front. Traditionally, when you are sick or when you need any medical attention or advice, you have to […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Luxembourg Company Formation

Luxembourg is one of the smallest European countries, but it provides many interesting business opportunities, especially for entrepreneurs, start-ups and multinationals that can take advantage of the very favorable taxation system. Having a central location, Luxembourg can also serve as a logistics center and as a gate to several European markets in the area, such […]