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How Businesses Should Be Involved in Their Communities

We have all been through an incredible and strange time this year, and businesses now need to look at different options to help bring customers in and to keep their processes running smoothly.  People really want to support local and small businesses, and with many campaigns encouraging people to shop locally, this is something that […]

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6 Tips for Starting a Franchise in the New Year

With many people starting their businesses, many business models are becoming popular, franchising being among the top ones. Many franchisees benefit because the customers are already familiar with the product or service being provided. However, that does not mean that the franchise will always be a success, and does not come with some challenges. Many […]

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The Argument For A Workplace Uniform: Reasons To Consider An Office Dress Code

We have long lived in a cultural ethos of individuality. It is almost endemic to our western mentality, to stand out from the crowd and differentiate ourselves at every opportunity. While the merits of individualism are arguable, the value of a unified business identity by way of custom uniforms is often ignored, being chalked up […]