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The Cybersecurity Challenges Facing Emerging Fintech Startups

A shakedown is happening in the financial world. While the traditional banking giants are struggling to retain customers, an emerging market of fintech companies are collecting them enmasss. In 2017, 13 fintech startups were valued at $1 billion or more, an achievement so rare Silicon Valley calls it unicorn status. A growing industry, their success […]

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How to Build a Career in Accounting

Accountancy is a very attractive career prospect for those with great numerical aptitude and a love of problem-solving. Newly-qualified accountants with a relative degree can expect to earn around $50,000; but you can increase those earnings to $73,000 with a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) license. CPAs on top salaries can eventually make up to $124,000. […]

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4 Eye-Opening Expectations for Entrepreneurs Looking to Start a Six-Figure Business

Starting a business is one thing; however, creating a legitimate, money-making company with a hungry base of customers is something entirely different. While it may be true that the barrier to entrepreneurship is lower than ever, the fact remains that starting a long-term, profitable business is often an uphill battle. But that doesn’t mean that […]