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How to Achieve a Clean Workplace

A clean workplace not only creates a hygienic environment for employees to work in, but also offers advantages in other ways. A pleasant and dirt-free office boosts employee morale. No one wants to work in a dump. It also makes a good impression on anyone who stops by, especially customers and potential business partners. A […]
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Canadian Fertilizer Industry Becoming World Leaders In Reducing Emissions

The fertilizer industry in Canada is proving to be a pillar to the Canadian economy, contributing to $12 million annually and 12,000 Canadian jobs. Therefore, there’s a close eye on the industry to examine how it’s innovating to reduce its greenhouse gas emission. Fertilizer Canada is making significant strides to provide an effective framework for […]
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Dissertation Proposal

According to the definition, a dissertation is “a substantial paper that is typically based on original research and that gives evidence of the candidate’s mastery both of her own subject and of scholarly method.” A good dissertation proposal is a firm foundation of a future dissertation. It is basically a plan that contains your research […]
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Big Data Can Mean Big Advantages for your Small Business

The information age dawned decades ago, and its full potential for small businesses is just now cresting the horizon of a brilliant future. A nearly unfathomable amount of information is being generated about your current and potential customers regarding their habits, likes and dislikes, demographics, psychographics and lifestyles. The amount of information is doubling every two years. To win the future, your company must create products and services for a community of loyal customers you’ve developed, and every step in the process will informed by the wealth of data, known as big data, available. The key will be tapping into that torrent of data and channeling it into usable streams of information. It’s being done already by today’s fastest-growing small businesses. The opportunity to do the same is available to you.
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