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Top Reasons Why You Should Include Instagram in the Growth Strategy for Your Business

Studies have revealed that over 90% of the top 100 brands globally have an active presence on Instagram. As an owner of a business striving to put his business in a high growth trajectory, it is obvious that these brands must have realized the potential benefits of this strategy beyond the opportunity of posting appealing […]

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8 Tips For Building Your Small Business’ Brand

Every small business owner will find their business reaching a period of plateaued growth after the initial growth spurt. One of the key reasons this might happen is a disparity between how you and your customers/clients perceive your business. When just starting a company, word-of-mouth and promotional marketing power its initial growth period. However, only […]

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The Advantages of Buying Instagram Likes for Your Business

Social media is ruling the world today! People are making use of various social media platforms to stay in touch with others and also network. Today, Instagram is a popular and well-accepted social media platform that freelancers, businesses, established brands, and others use to promote their business. It has over 500 million daily active users. […]


Manage Your Inventory More Effectively with RFID Tracking

If your business has an inventory to manage, you probably already know how challenging, time-consuming, and tedious it can be to spend time scanning barcodes and logging items manually. If you’re still doing things the old-fashioned way, it’s time to make a change. Radio frequency identification (RFID) tracking tags are revolutionizing warehousing, retail, shipping and […]


Entrepreneurship in Europe

When a person is looking to start their own businesses there are some challenges that a person is going to need to face. In the United States, there are challenges to entrepreneurship. In Europe, there are also some challenges to entrepreneurship. Shalom Lamm knows some of the struggles entrepreneurs face in Europe and some of […]