Gavin Darby Reflects on FDF Tenure, the State of the Federation & Opportunities for the Future

The United Kingdom’s Food & Drink Federation was built to represent, champion and advise the country’s food and drink industry – the largest manufacturing sector in the UK employing over 450,000 workers across 7,000 different businesses. Since 2017, Gavin Darby has served as FDF President, working on behalf of the industry to communicate its value […]

Business Cybersecurity

If Your Business Network Keeps Going Down, It May Be Time To Consult Managed Services

In today’s modern economy, businesses rely on their IT networks more than ever before. But with that reliance comes big risks.  Recent data from a variety of sources highlight the growing costs of network downtime. In 2019, for example, Facebook estimated that the 14-hour outage it suffered on March 13th cost the firm more than […]


Paper Checks in 2020? Why You Still Need Them and How to Use Them Safely

Even a few years back, people used to carry checkbooks. In fact, some people had their purses designed in a way that allowed them to access checks easily. Today, people don’t carry checkbooks. Some can’t even remember the last time they wrote checks. This consumer behavioral change is due to several factors, including the development […]