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Sparkling Ice Record Sales Nets Double-Digit Growth in Multi-Billion Dollar Industry

New Products and Innovative Marketing Strategies Deliver Record Sales in Q3 Sparkling water brand Sparkling Ice is part of Talking Rain Beverage Company and making major waves in the beverage industry. Sparkling Ice sets itself apart in the competitive space by continuing to hold the number one spot in the sparkling water category for another […]

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Why Carriers Rely On Positive Cash Flow

If you are the owner of a trucking or transportation company, you understand that during times of economic uncertainty – such as the current financial entanglement the US is facing in 2018 – it pays to maintain positive cash flow to keep your trucking company sustainable and to prepare for future opportunities. For most US […]

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Is Credit Repair Right for You?

It’s easy to feel like your credit report and credit score are what make the world go round. If you have good credit, you can pretty much buy anything you want. If you have bad credit, something as simple as renting a house can become challenging. If you fall into the category of “bad credit,” […]