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4 Ways to Create Better SlideShare Presentations for Content Marketing

Content marketing platforms are constantly changing. When I first started digital marketing, article Directory sites like Ezine Articles where the range. Today, they are practically useless. Content marketers have moved on to other platforms. One content marketing site that usually gets overlooked is SlideShare. In 2012, the Content Marketing Institute dubbed SlideShare “quiet giant of […]

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Content Is King (Jay Z, Richard Simmons, and Rush Limbaugh)

Jay-Z. Ozzy Osbourne. William Shakespeare. Hans Zimmer. Michael Moore. J.K. Rowling. Salvador Dali. Richard Simmons. Rush Limbaugh. Mr. Rogers. Joe Rogan. These are some of the most celebrated names in music, literature, art, culture, and politics. And they all have ONE in common. Content. They have affected millions of people over decades (and even centuries) […]

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Why Are Online Reviews So Important?

These days, one of the most powerful brand awareness and marketing tools in your arsenal is online reviews. If you know how to use them, online reviews can help you sell more products, improve your brand’s reputation, and increase your visibility all at the same time—and since reviews are written by your customers, you won’t […]