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MRP Systems

MRP or manufacturing resource planning or material requirement planning is a popular software system used in the manufacturing industry. This technology sets manufacturing applications apart from other types of business software on the market. MRP is a subset of enterprise resource planning or ERP software. The important functions of an MRP system include production forecasting, […]
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The Top Financial Benefits of Commercial Solar Panels

Installing commercial solar panels for your business could see you make an annual saving of £1,500 or about $2,000 on electricity bills in your first year of installation. This comes with an increase in savings year on year through a Commercial Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). Electricity savings when buying ownership outright are much more. […]
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Top 5 Effects of Green Buildings on Businesses and Workforce!

Promoting the green initiatives on business and workplace can increase productivity. According to the reviews and studies in scientific literature indicates there are a lot of effects still it is challenging to gain profit. Let us first know about the green workplace. The green workplace is defined as the sensitive environment, efficient resource and socially […]
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Mobile Tech Facts Your Business Has To Know {To Go Next Level}

Looking at mobile tech today makes it hard to recall the “first computers.” It’s been quite a few decades since computers first appeared in business. Because those early models were essentially glorified calculators, their operators focused on using them for handling large mathematical transactions with higher speed and accuracy than other available technology. Mobile technological […]
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Confessions of the Job Destroyer

Probably the most unfunny ironies from the rhetoric surrounding “job creators” in contemporary American politics is the fact that the majority of the jobs being produced (or at best, individuals using the finest demand) have been in the tech sector. Jobs like mine. Jobs that automate processes that were once done by people. So I’ll […]
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