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The 5 Largest Modern Art Frauds

As one of the few unregulated fields still left in the world, art tends to attract a host of unsavory characters who are eager to game the system. Since appreciating art to its true value is hard to do, throughout history, various frauds and scams have been perpetuated with the ultimate goal of enriching certain […]
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Top 5 Healthy Snacks For Stoners

However you like to enjoy your herbs, there’s one thing for certain: after a good session, your stomach is going to be rumbling! To stop you shoving fistfuls of Twinkies in your mouth to satisfy your craving, do a little prep in advance and your belly will thank you for it. However, these are no […]
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Need a Hobby? 12 Ideas You Might Love

Life can’t be all work and relaxation. Sometimes, we need a pastime that will engage us in our spare time for our personal enjoyment. However, finding the perfect hobby can be challenging. Maybe all you need is some good, old-fashioned inspiration. Here are some popular hobbies you might love: 1. Repurpose Items As trends change, […]
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