Human Resources

Five Human Resources Statistics You Need to Know

Human resources is an important part of running any business. This department is important for your company. Why? Because they’re responsible for making hiring decisions, enforcing regulations, building and maintaining company culture, and much more. If you haven’t put much thought into how you run your HR department, it’s time to rethink. The following five […]

Human Resources

Encouraging Loyalty from Your Employees

Running a business has plenty of ups and downs and fostering loyalty from employees can be tricky when so much needs your attention to keep the business running smoothly. However, your employees are the ones that will keep your business ticking and without hard-working, dedicated individuals it can be hard to grow and develop your […]

At Work Human Resources

Keeping Employees Safe at Work

There are many different types of jobs. Some of them involve hard physical labor, while others rely on the use of mostly brain power. However, each setting has conditions that you are a business owner must meet in order to keep your employees safe from harm.  Possible Hazards  Unfortunately, it only takes a minute of […]