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A Quick Guide to Becoming a Gaming Influencer

The most successful gaming influencers have millions of followers. They also earn a fortune. For example, the influencer called Ninja, who has over 15 million followers on Twitch, reportedly earns more than $500,000 per month just from his paying subscribers. That doesn’t even take into account Ninja’s sponsorship earnings and the earnings from other streaming […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Influencers and How They Can Help Your Business

If you’re a fan of social media, then you’ve probably heard of the term influencers. These are individuals who can promote your products through their own social media platforms. They generally have a high following and use it to spread the message about specific products. In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know […]

Marco Calamassi
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Bridging the Gap: Marco Calamassi’s Take on Where the Crowded Influencer Market’s Going

Revolutionizing the Market to Maximize Returns with Bespoke Influencer Brands For several years now, businesses of all kinds have been plowing marketing dollars into social media marketing strategies. Of late, a big and growing chunk of their budgets has gone toward financing influencer campaigns, because they’re seen as the best way to reach today’s savvy […]

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Hamed Wardak: Valen of Wicked in the Making

Hamed Wardak is at the forefront of a new generation for American refugees. This generation commits to instigating positive changes for the future. WHO CAME BEFORE Hamed Wardak was born in 1977 in Kabul, Afghanistan, and raised first in nearby Pakistan and then traveled to the United States of America later in his youth. Hamed […]

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How to Grow Your Business With Micro-Influencers on Social Media

Influencer marketing is currently the hottest buzzword in internet marketing. It has managed to outperform all other forms of internet marketing strategies to become the most effective program. One that not only creates brand awareness but also helps generate leads and create long-term relationships with customers. Influencers play a very important role in the buying […]