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5 Reasons Should Retain a Tax Attorney

Dealing with the IRS and lenders during a personal financial crisis can test the nerves of even the most patient individual. When these sort of institutions decide you owe them something, it’s nearly impossible to come out of the fight unscathed. Both the IRS and the financial industry have nasty reputations when it comes to […]
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Small Business Owner Toolbox – How to Avoid Lawsuits

Start-up… what comes to mind first? Cash flow, bootstrapping, multitasking, guerrilla marketing and countless business pitches, right? When you start a business you’re probably more preoccupied with this kind of issues than potential lawsuits. Nonetheless, small businesses can and (more often than not) do get sued over preventable causes, with legal fees alone biting hard […]
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Moving on with a Criminal Record

The path of life is filled with all sorts of curves along the way. Sometimes, those curves are major mistakes with legal consequences which can result in a felony charge. The US ranks as number for having most people incarcerated, with more than seven million residing in US prisons, at some stage of the criminal […]
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