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Middle Eastern Shipyard Salesman Acquitted in Mozambique Loan Fraud Trial

A federal jury in Brooklyn, NY, consisting of nine women and three men acquitted a Lebanese shipbuilding executive on all charges in a controversial case involving some $2 billion in loans issued to state-run agencies Mozambique. Jean Boustani, a 41-year-old salesman employed by Privinvest Group, an international shipbuilder with headquarters in the Middle East, was found […]

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Attorney Email List

It appears that the need for legal corporations and law firms is never getting to end. the amount of lawyers in America is increasing all the time. That said, you actually got to consider getting involved in this sort of business. And if you’re going to engage in a promoting business aimed toward lawyers, getting […]

Letter with copyright infringement notice on a desk. Difference between copyright infringement and plagarism
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Differences Between Copyright Infringement and Plagiarism

Whether it’s a high school English class or college coursework, education on this ever-prevalent issue tends to lump both copyright infringement and plagiarism into the same boat. While that isn’t incorrect, it doesn’t shed enough light on the issue to help individuals make the essential differentiation between the two.  So, what is the difference between […]