Marketing Technology

What is Clickstream Analysis?

A clickstream analysis or also called clickstream analytics, on a website refers to the collection, analysis, and reporting process of aggregate data regarding the visited website pages of the visitors, as well as the order. Simply, clickstream is the path taken by a visitor upon entering the website. Also, clickstream analysis has two different levels: […]


Top 40 B2B Marketing Agencies in 2021

B2B marketing isn’t just about email marketing. It is about understanding and creating the right sales funnels and planning marketing activities accordingly. B2B marketers today engage in activities that include Cold Emailing, Account-based marketing, LinkedIn Marketing, Content Syndication, Webinars, Roundtables, and much more. If your brand is looking for a B2B marketing agency to partner […]

Business Marketing

8 Tips For Building Your Small Business’ Brand

Every small business owner will find their business reaching a period of plateaued growth after the initial growth spurt. One of the key reasons this might happen is a disparity between how you and your customers/clients perceive your business. When just starting a company, word-of-mouth and promotional marketing power its initial growth period. However, only […]