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3 Tips for Choosing your Herbal Supplement

  Many people around the world take herbal supplements, vitamins or both. It is the era of going back to nature, finding organic ways to address and manage health issues. Substantial research efforts have been made by the World Health Organization (WHO) and countries like the United States, India, and China in the hopes that […]
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46% of The US Population Are Now Online Bankers

Nearly half the country’s population is now content in completing almost all of their banking needs via the internet. The percentage (roughly 46%) is a staggering number, but if one were to only count the millennials, it would be a lot more impressive. A huge majority of that 46% consists of millennials and that makes […]
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Industries That Are Being Disrupted By Blockchain

The blockchain is one of the latest inventions to come out of the magical honeypot that is technology. No doubt, you have heard the word ‘blockchain’ being bandied about, especially by your financially or technologically savvy friends. But do you know what it is exactly? Why don’t we clear up your confusion? Picture Credit: Pixabay […]
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North Korea’s Bitcoin Mining Regime

North Korea is a country which fascinates many. In fact, those who have traveled through North Korea have documented their experience online to give others some insights on how it’s like being in the said country. However, North Korea has made headlines in the past few months. The country’s brewing political tension with other countries […]
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Amit Bhardwaj Simplifies Bitcoin in New E-Book

Not many people were keen to jump on the Bitcoin bandwagon in 2009 when Satoshi Nakamoto first introduced his disruptive cryptocurrency Bitcoin. But one great entrepreneur didn’t waste any time taking advantage of it – and he has succeeded greatly because of it. Now through his revolutionary new book entitled “Cryptocurrency For Beginners,” Amit Bhardwaj […]
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