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The Man from U.N.C.L.E Review

This movie follows a Russian and American Spy as the try and find a nuclear bomb. The acting in this movie is usually the stereotype of the race of person it’s showing and that’s great. Henry Cavill is awesome as the American, Armie Hammer is just great as the Russian, and every other character does […]
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Fight Club Review

This is one of the most influential and powerful films ever put to screen. It’s got a perfect cast, brilliant writing, and phenomenal execution. First, we have to talk about the acting. The actors involved are just are fantastic and grimy as the world around them. While there are many who like Brad Pitt the […]
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Don't Kill It Review

This is a VOD horror movie starring @dolphlundgren. it doesn’t sound too good, but that made this movie’s quality that much more surprising. It opens with a great bang that perfectly sets the tone for the film. It’s bloody, somewhat scary, but most importantly entertaining. The actor @dolphlundgren did a great job in his part. […]
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The Magnificent 7 Review

Well, this was one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen. There’s an easy answer to why this is so. Magnificent 7 embraces the fact that it’s a generic western movie and capitalizes instead on its characters. This has one of the best casts of any film of 2016. Denzel Washington gave a tour de […]
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Power Rangers Review

Seeing as it just came out on DVD, let’s review the remake of this cheesy TV classic. I think it’s important to say I never really was a fan of the show and I haven’t seen that many episodes, maybe 12 total so I went into this basing my enjoyment off of he quality of […]
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Dawn of the Dead Review

Back to the good movies. Dawn of the Dead came out a decade after the original. However it loses no momentum or quality. Like Psycho II, this movie had passion in just about every corner. Whether it be the commanding and brilliant George Romero behind the camera, the talented cast in front or the likes […]
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Rambo Review

The surprise blockbuster, clocking over a hundred million worldwide, is a return to form for Stallone. This movie wasn’t just what the franchise needed, it was what Stallone needed to make a triumphant comeback. This movie has a stellar cast, but not in name. All the supporting actors are great at their jobs. Their character […]
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