Bodo, Norway, 2017 - Fishing boats in Bodo, Norway,

Foreign Entrepreneurs Billion Dollar Plans Led by Danny Hayes for the City of Bodø Were Destroyed by Fake News Smear Campaign

We have written earlier about the lost opportunity that the citizens of the northern Norwegian city of Bodø suffered when the city was prompted to dissociate with American smart infrastructure developer Danny Hayes in 2018 because of an untrue and targeted reporting and a media campaign. In 2018, Danny Hayes and Soheila Yalpani were contacted […]


Why is Register important when translating?

Professional translators need to take register into consideration when translating. It is not the same if a translator is translating a novel for children, a scientific article or a poem. It goes without saying that every audience is specific and the texts need to be adjusted to the audience’s professions, levels of maturity and needs. […]


4 Jobs With Great Work-Life Balance (Thanks To Tech)

Ever since human beings started working as part of an industrialized system, we’ve struggled with maintaining a healthy balance between socializing and doing our jobs. Roughly 66% of employees in the US do not strongly believe that they have a good work-life balance; it’s an issue that disproportionately seems to affect millennials, but it’s entirely […]