How to Travel With a Large Family and Still Have Fun

The Importance of Easter

We sat down for an interview with Father George Rutler to discuss the importance of Easter to Christians. He stated that for Christians, Easter is regarded as being the most important celebration that they partake in. This is because the day symbolizes the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The resurrection of Jesus Christ in itself is […]


Today’s Education Curriculum

Education is a fundamental part of any person’s future. As children grow and mature into adulthood, their educational experiences play an enormous role in who they become and what opportunities are available to them. Today’s educational curriculum has evolved and continues to be an important topic of relevance with teachers and law makers. Scientific data […]


Coronavirus, e-Commerce, And a Rapidly-Evolving Gun Industry

Burgeoned by shuttered offices, bolstered by busted brick-n-mortar stores, all the while trying to survive the onslaught of Coronavirus: e-Commerce has rapidly evolved in 2020. New niche industries have accelerated their online presence in the face of unusual, once-in-a-century challenges that many businesses will simply never face. And, as demographics across the country begin to […]

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Sinclair Broadcast Group’s Regional Sports Networks Dropped from Hulu Live TV Bundles

All 21 regional sports networks controlled by Diamond Sports Group, a consortium led by Sinclair Broadcast Group, along with the Yes Network and Marquee network have been eradicated from Hulu’s live TV bundle as of midnight, Friday, October 23rd. 3.4 million Hulu subscribers will no longer have the ability to tune in and watch their […]


ECDIS: The Good and Bad of Paperless Navigation of Ships

Despite the information and technological revolution of the 20th century changing so many things, oceanic navigation stayed remarkably similar. While technology introduced many changes, the core of navigation on container vessels and other large ships was the paper chart. This even remained true at the turn of the century, when most households already had computers. […]