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How To Create The Best E-Commerce Site

Building an e-commerce website is a challenging process. Aside from the technical issues, the really important challenges are more related to customer expectations.  There are quite a few details that need to be understood when building e-commerce sites because it is a complex project consisting of many regular image sites. Many businesses now understand the […]

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How to Transition From Cold to Warm-Weather Menus

Throughout the year there will be a need to switch up the menu at yout restaurant or food establishment. Whether it’s the middle of winter or you’re entertaining guests enjoying the summer sun, it’s good practice to learn how to transition from cold to warm-weather menus where and when it’s needed.  Here’s how to switch […]

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5 Mind-Boggling Facts About The First & Only Female-Led Sales Training & Recruiting Agency

Bella Verita is a versatile entrepreneur and a prolific sales strategist. She is the founder of Align Sales Agency, the #1 female-led sales training and recruiting agency in the country. Bella decided to prioritize recruiting women because of the glaringly clear gender employment gap. Bella has been in sales since she was eight years old. […]

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How to Increase the Leads for Your Wildlife or Pest Control Business

Looking to increase leads for your wildlife or pest control business? If so, you’re not alone. Attracting prospects and hopefully turning them into customers has been an age-old challenge. According to statistics, generating leads is the most challenging task facing over 60% of marketers. In today’s technologically-driven world, the solution to lead generation lies in […]

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Margaret Chamblee Shares 10 Ways to Increase Your Sales Today

There can be many perks working in the sales industry, including the idea that the amount of effort and performance you put in as a salesperson directly impacts your earning potential. Margaret Chamblee, a licensed pharmacist with extensive direct sales experience, shares 10 tips you can use to help increase your sales and raise your […]