Category: Sales Tips

5 Ways To Retain And Gain Loyal Customers

While customers are key to the success of any business, making them into loyal clients can take your company one step further. Not only will you gain a strong following, but you will reap the rewards of increased revenue from their repeat purchases. Not sure you have a strong customer base? Think about how these […]
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6 Tips for Making the Perfect Corporate Video

As social media has risen to greater and greater heights as a platform for spreading influence and information, marketing teams have become increasingly more involved in crafting media for these platforms. Heavy-hitting platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram are spreading media through text, images, video, and so on. However, one medium trumps all others, […]
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Salespeople and Apple Pickers: Their Similarities

It seems that sales managers often find themselves in a similar position as foremen who manage workers that pick apples. While we are speaking about extreme differences in the type of work, the similarities are amazingly frightening. Yes, the majority of salespeople wear very nice clothes, while the fruit pickers wear ragged clothing and rubber […]
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