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Docprime: What You Need To Know

While technological developments have disrupted how we conduct business, how we live our lives, and how we communicate, the medical industry has for the most part remained ‘traditional’, experiencing very minor changes on the medical services delivery front. Traditionally, when you are sick or when you need any medical attention or advice, you have to […]


The Middle Ages

For many centuries, from about the first one to round the fifth century AD, Rome was the finest turn on Earth, ruling Britain and also the countries around the Mediterranean And Beyond. However, in northern Europe, there have been fierce tribes which were only held away by the Romans. Around 400 AD, the Roman Empire […]


Ancient Seeds Yield Once Extinct Squash

Advertisement Most foods, with the exception of honey and Twinkies, have expiration dates. Natural foods, like fruits and vegetables, slowly rot away over time, but what about their seeds? Surely those have an expiration date, right?  Students from Winnipeg, Canada recently discovered a stash of 800-year-old seeds while on an archaeological dig. The mysterious seeds, […]


Your Favorite Color May Reveal More About You Than You Know

Black: You’re sensitive and might be into poetry or other artistic pursuits. You just want to be in control of your life’s direction. Red: You like to go, go, go! You love to make things happen and have a really determined outlook. Purple: Feeling emotionally safe is your number one priority, and you probably like […]


8 Outdated, Horrid Rituals Women Are Still Subjected To All Over The World

Weddings, bat and bar mitzvahs, communions…they’re all ritual practices we’ve grown accustomed to. Rituals are created by societies to establish a sense of community and oneness. But not every ritual ends with a party and a cake. Even in 2016, there are still some cultures that continue to enforce ancient ceremonial practices — often at […]