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Alternative Lending for Small Businesses: Know Your Options

Financial crisis is inevitable. Whether you’re a business tycoon or an ordinary individual starting up, you must at one time need financial support. However, there is a difference in how small businesses can get financial assistance and the options available to established businesses. While traditional sources of income dictate that lending from a bank should […]

Small business team looking into small business insurance options.
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Intro to Insurance for Small Businesses

Insurance is often not high up the to-do list for small businesses, mostly because they operate on a tight budget. As such, small business owners tend to postpone getting insurance for their organizations because they think it is costly.  Ignoring or postponing purchasing insurance for your small business is a risky venture that may cost […]

Delivery man delivers a pizza ordered on an online food ordering app.
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How to Keep Food Fresh During Deliveries

Restaurants have their work cut out for them when it comes to health and hygiene. They have to meet a certain set of rules and regulations to ensure that they are meeting the requirements to remain open.  While food is being prepared on-site, refrigerators, ice boxes and the appropriate food storage equipment is used to […]

Most Car Accidents Are Preventable: Here's How You Can Do Your Part
Small Business

Protecting Your Small Business From Auto Accident Claims

Are you prepared to survive an auto accident claim? They’re more common than you might think. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that vehicle-related incidents are the primary cause of casualties in the workplace. According to the United States Department of Labor, car crashes cost businesses $60 billion per year. […]

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How Businesses Should Be Involved in Their Communities

We have all been through an incredible and strange time this year, and businesses now need to look at different options to help bring customers in and to keep their processes running smoothly.  People really want to support local and small businesses, and with many campaigns encouraging people to shop locally, this is something that […]

Small Business

A Guide for Small Business Workplace Accidents in Ireland

While workplace accidents have a reputation for happening at large work sites like construction, the reality is that accidents can happen at a business of any size. Even if you’re a small company, it’s important to take precautions that protect against mishaps. Make sure that you are following and adhering to regulations. Workplace accidents can’t […]

Small Business

Choosing The Best Online Fax Service for Your Small Business

Finally, you’ve decided to ditch your old fax machine and decided to switch to cloud-based fax services. That’s a significant step towards boosting your business’ productivity, saving time and money as well as in keeping your documents organized and always available. But the benefits don’t stop at that—you’ll also be able to send and receive […]