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The Growth of TikTok

Social media has changed the way people live their daily lives. Social media has also had a major influence in the professional world. Among the various social media platforms including Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram, perhaps no platform has grown faster than TikTok. Some of the latest TikTok news shows that the app has more than 1.5 […]

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What is the Perfect Number of Social Media Platforms for Your Brand?

Social media is one of the most effective ways for companies to grow their brand. One poll found that 73% of marketers found social media to be either somewhat or very effective. However, many less experienced social media marketers struggle to make any progress with their strategy.  One of the biggest reasons that social media […]

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4 Ways Social Media Affects SEO

With billions of active users on social platforms, it’s hard to imagine that social media wouldn’t affect search engine optimization (SEO). But just how much does your social media activity affect your rankings? Here’s are four ways social media may affect your SEO efforts. 1. Social Media Profiles Also Rank in Search Engines Your social […]