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Top Tech Magazines to Follow in 2019

In this fast changing world that we live in, there are a million different things happening at the same time, in the same place. Sometimes, it might be kinda hard to keep up with everything, especially when it comes to technological advances. That is the exact reason why you should use the internet for this […]
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Choosing A Web Host As A Canadian Business

What many Canadian startups don’t realize when setting up their websites is the value of choosing a Canadian web host. Benefits to partnering with a local company include better SEO results, faster load times, and cheaper packages overall. There is also an element of privacy businesses can enjoy thanks to stricter laws limiting an authority’s […]
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Latest Encryption Software Sets Industry Standard For Security, Functionality

Encryption software has long been at the very forefront of the battle against cyber crime. As cyber criminals evolve more complex strategies and a wider range of software tools for carrying out their destructive activities, encryption providers must evolve to meet the latest threats. The good news is that cutting-edge software options like ChatMail Secure […]
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Is Your Self Storage Unit Safe?

Self storage units are wonderful for helping you move, holding overstock for your company, or providing an extra, secure space for all the things that don’t quite fit in your home. But, if your local storage facility isn’t secured with a variety of safety features, your precious or expensive items could be at risk of […]
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