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Latest Encryption Software Sets Industry Standard For Security, Functionality

Encryption software has long been at the very forefront of the battle against cyber crime. As cyber criminals evolve more complex strategies and a wider range of software tools for carrying out their destructive activities, encryption providers must evolve to meet the latest threats. The good news is that cutting-edge software options like ChatMail Secure […]

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Is Your Self Storage Unit Safe?

Self storage units are wonderful for helping you move, holding overstock for your company, or providing an extra, secure space for all the things that don’t quite fit in your home. But, if your local storage facility isn’t secured with a variety of safety features, your precious or expensive items could be at risk of […]

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The Future Of Mobile Apps Is Here

Ask any app expert and they will tell you that it’s a crowded space — whether you need something simple, like a list of which restaurants nearby can accommodate specific dietary restrictions, or something more complex like an IoT device that’ll connect to your mobile phone, there’s no question about the ubiquity of digital apps […]

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3 Key Benefits of Blockchain Technology

If you have never heard of the term “blockchain technology”, you are probably missing out on what many IT professionals are calling the Internet of tomorrow. There is no doubt you’ve heard of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general, but you may still not understand that cryptocurrency is based on blockchain technology. In fact, cryptocurrency is […]

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Your Guide to the Hottest Technology Startups of 2018

2018 Startups Are on Fire! The technology sector, (Technology Startups) more than any other, brings new and exciting opportunities to invest in startup companies each and every year. Whether a brand new idea being brought to investment by veteran executives of other companies who quit the old job to start on the new to small […]