Best Anime Series on UK Netflix

Japanese animations are ruling over contemporary cinema and western cartoons. You may call it nerdy, but you can’t deny how anime is pushing the boundaries of contemporary arts. With the hype revolving around the selection of anime series, Netflix UK has the most extensive anime series collection compared to other libraries.  If you are a […]


How Will Your Company Benefit From Migrating to the Cloud?

To dominate the market, companies need to deliver a seamless user experience, enable efficient operation of software solutions, provide scalable data storage, and simplify infrastructure maintenance. Optimizing expenses is also important, especially during an economic crisis.  By moving to the cloud, it is possible to address various challenges, for instance, reduce IT costs, improve product […]


What is ERP? Basic Guide about ERP

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is an essential system in every business. You know what the acronym stands for, but do you know what it really means? Let us define ERP as the basis of the whole company processes, which includes procurement, services, supply chain, manufacturing, finance, and a lot more. With an ERP system, you […]

Marketing Technology

What is Clickstream Analysis?

A clickstream analysis or also called clickstream analytics, on a website refers to the collection, analysis, and reporting process of aggregate data regarding the visited website pages of the visitors, as well as the order. Simply, clickstream is the path taken by a visitor upon entering the website. Also, clickstream analysis has two different levels: […]


Eddie Listorti, Founding Partner and CEO of Viridios Capital, Describes How AI Can Contribute to a Net-Zero Economy

Artificial intelligence (AI) can help in the battle against carbon emissions. The technology is rapidly improving, and current predictions indicate that AI could reduce emissions by five to ten percent by 2030 and add trillions in corporate sustainability value. The carbon credit market is helping to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. However, the voluntary […]


How To Recognize Ransomware

What Is Ransomware?  Ransomware is malicious software created to block access to a computer system or files until the computer’s owner pays a certain amount of money.  Typically, the attackers encrypt the files in the targeted computers so that the victim can’t access the files without a decryption key. The attacker then demands the victim […]