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Which Communication Protocol is the best for IoT?

The Internet of Things is a massive ecosystem of connected devices that has been growing all over the world for the last decade or two. IoT implementations span over many industries, including automotive, manufacturing, transportation, medicine, security systems, and many others. IoT systems are made of objects that are enabled to collect, process, and send data to other connected objects, applications, or servers over the internet. The IoT system can only work and transfer information online only when […]


Things You Need to Know about Tech Trends, Innovation & Artificial Intelligence Now

Technological Evolution Using the concept of evolution, everything begins from the simplest form to a more complex/sophisticated form. Similarly, technology begins from simple analog machines and simple manual processes to what it is today. With an increase in human’s curiosity and zeal to explore the unknown, technology is receiving more attention than ever. Could you […]


Paper Cutting Templates

Are you fond of making paper crafts?  If you love scrapbookingas one of the people, then you will enjoy doing more of these crafts. Thanks to the technology that we have today, there are already machines that you can use to do various works. Cutting out paper into different sizes and shapes are also made […]