Yasmin Bashirova, an AI and Tech Industry Professional, Dives Deeper into Blockchain’s Influence on the Transportation Sector

The term “blockchain” became a part of technology’s everyday vernacular a while back and has garnered increasing interest ever since. Yasmin Bashirova, AI and technology specialist , is currently the Chief of Staff at Shift Technologies Inc., an e-commerce startup on a mission to bring trust and simplicity to the peer-to-peer used car market. Combining […]


Is Micromobility the Future of Transportation?

The ride-sharing business model has gained in popularity over the past few years. This trend has gotten into micromobility as well and now more and more companies are trying to figure out how to create a scooter sharing app. Scooter-sharing is just another alternative to commuting inside large cities. Rather than using traditional transportation such […]


What Should You Know About Turbulence and In-Flight Injuries?

Turbulence is an issue that can cause problems when you’re traveling in different ways, even though it’s normal and affects flights everyday throughout the world. Turbulence can be mildly bumpy and maybe a little scary, or it can be highly dangerous and lead to serious in-flight injuries. People often have questions about turbulence itself, such […]


4 Safety Tips for Riding a Bike in Traffic

Biking has always been popular as a recreational activity, but it’s become an important mode of transportation over the last couple of decades. While there hasn’t been extensive research performed in the last few years, one study shows that the percentage of regular bicycle commuters increased by 70 percent between 2000 and 2009. Whether you’re […]


A Look at the Future of the SUV Industry

The automotive industry has been showing signs of an exciting comeback in recent years. After the struggle following the 2008 economic crisis, car manufacturers have begun coming up with new and exciting models, better marketing strategies, and new ways of keeping the industry as vibrant as it is today. The SUV industry is perhaps the […]


Find Your Mazda Dealership In Toronto

Car dealerships have changed; if you still dread going to the showroom and “facing off” against a salesperson to get a good deal, you’ve been going to the wrong dealer. Now that the internet has furnished consumers with endless options and an abundance of information before they step on the lot, car dealerships are adjusting […]

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What Your Ford Says About You

When you get behind the wheel of your car, do you feel like it fits? Do you feel comfortable waiting at stoplights when someone gives you a sidelong glance, keen to see who’s sitting behind the wheel of that vehicle? Do you feel embarrassed about your beater or a make or model that you’re convinced […]