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Nathaniel Mell, Founder and CEO of Felt+Fat, Expresses The Importance Behind Why Everyone Needs to Work in the Service Industry

In a world where harsh realities have to be swallowed at some point in everyone’s life, it is essential to consider opportunities to better prepare for when those moments come, such as taking on a job in the service industry.  Nathaniel Mell, Felt+Fat Founder and CEO, has a great appreciation for the service industry, as he […]

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Striking The Balance Between Fatherhood And Business

Three entrepreneurs-turned-fathers impart their wisdom on balancing family with a growing business For business owners and professionals with children, days often involve a careful juggling act of work and childcare. Business calls, emails, meetings, and work can be regularly interspersed with school runs, emergency trips to the doctor and sport, in addition to quality time […]

Wisdom and Strategy

Leadership of a Millennial

Noel repairs the blades of the fan. He has a little workshop in a doorway in Cerro neighborhood. He repairs electric irons, blenders, every kind of obsolete motor, and does good things with rice cookers and water heaters. For a person born in the generation Y era, it’s not a job that generates a lot of dividends. […]